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What is the main menu song? It's such a nice and calming song.

Edit: I can't go back to the original main menu :(

Ahh, this game is so cozy. Really great start to this VN. I can't wait to meet the rest of the characters, especially Stephan. I'll definitely be keeping an eye on this VN. Amazing work!

I had such a fun time reading this. I loved all of the video game and anime references and reading all of the interactions with all of the costumes were really fun to read. I laughed many times and I just love the banter and interactions they have with each other.



The love and relationship between Cadgan and Hector really reminds me of a song called "i am not who i was" by Chance Pena. I really recommend you go listen to it because it is such an amazing song and it perfectly encapsulates Cadgan's and Hector's relationship as of right now. 

AHH THIS IS SO COOL!!! It's so cool that we get to read George's story! I can't wait for the release!

This is only a prologue?! This is amazing! I can't wait to see what this VN has in store. I absolutely love the retro music and the overall retro vibe. Really solid start!

Really enjoyed reading this. I'm a huge sucker for friends to lovers troupes so seeing that Aldric and Cody are long lost friends reconnecting is a huge plus for me. This VN is so well made from the art and GUI's to the storytelling. I can't wait for the potential horror aspects to come to play and how it'll affect the story. Northern Lights has easily become one of my favorites and I can't wait to read more. Y'all did an amazing job!

I absolutely enjoyed this short VN. I had an absolute blast while reading this. I had a couple of good laughs, a few feelings of anger and uncomfortableness (with how well you described the gory parts of the story), feelings of sadness, and most of all, a heart warming feeling of seeing a sort of bittersweet ending of Aaron and Ember getting to stay together. Even with the lack of music, you're writing brought out so many different emotions which shows how good of a writer you are. I really enjoyed reading this short VN. Amazing job!!

Is the "JUNE 2023" code working for anyone? I tried putting the code in and it isn't working. I also try to put a space but you can't put any spaces.

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So I'm at the Forgotten Sanctuary and I finished the first 2 puzzles and defeated both slimes in the doors that they opened. In the room with the pillars, none of the tiles are showing any footprints. Is that supposed to happen, or am I supposed to do something else before I do that? Did I bug it somehow?  Help will be appreciated!

Edit: Encountered a bug where an error occurs when I try to go to my second page in my inventory. I think this occurred after I got the gloves from the wolf brothers. The item being stored into the second page instead of the first may have bugged it.

Edit 2: ... So I found the first button now after a very short search. I really don't know how I missed the first button but I did somehow. Thank you f1shsticker and Just_another_furry_loose for the help!

This is such a bittersweet feeling. I absolutely loved reading this VN and I can't believe that it's ending. I'm really glad I found this gem and I hope other people can also find this and give it a chance because this story, your story, is full of happy moments, sad moments, funny moments, and overall amazing experiences that I'm glad you shared with us. I'm really glad that you shared your story with us and through your story, you made people, like me and many others, cry, laugh, and really just made us get to feel emotions. So, thank you. Thank you so much for sharing your story with the rest of us and thank you for creating such a beautiful VN. Until then, Seth.

What an amazing first build! I was not expecting it to be around 4-5 hours long which was a pleasant surprise and I have to say that I really enjoyed the VN. The artwork is amazing and the story is also written really well. Each of the characters have their own personalities and I really enjoyed seeing the relationships between Tucker and the three potential love interests blossom. I can't wait to read more! Keep up the amazing work!

Take a break man. You deserve it. Have fun on your vacation!

Just took a peek at your profile HugeCookie and I was pleasantly surprised to see your background. I immediately recognized it and thought for sure it was just a coincidence but then I saw the phrase "My body's missing pieces" and then I quickly realized it wasn't a coincidence. Just thought it was cool that you know that song as it isn't well known unless you listen to that specific genre of music. I also listen to Lo-fi and "Empty Crown" is one of my favorites :) Anyways, I hope you have an amazing day!

At first, I thought this was going to be another Adastra or FBtW. The similarities were there at first; human in furry world, big wolf man, and not being able to speak, but that's when I was pleasantly surprised. You had the choice to speak up or not and I really liked that you could. This VN is so amazingly written and the pacing is absolutely perfect. The art is also really smooth and I am really enjoying the history and setting of this story. This is definitely one of my favorite, if not my most favorite VN that I've ever read. This build introduced us to so much of the story and kept me entertained throughout the whole time. It was a lengthy first build which was a really pleasant surprise. I can't wait for the next update. Keep up the amazing work!

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This is such an amazing VN. I love post apocalyptic stories as well as romance. I may be a bit biased but this is definitely one of my favorite VNs that I've read. The storytelling and writing is so well written and the art is also amazing. My favorite part about this though would probably have to be the music. The main menu song is so peaceful and sounds like a happy and sad song at the same time, a bittersweet composition, and that's what I love about it. Even though Dorian and everyone else is going through hell right now, it brought them all closer and through the experience they all had together, they made a close knit community that probably would not have happened if the apocalypse didn't happen. I'm not saying that they should be grateful or anything, far from it, but sometimes if you're in a hole of despair or remorse, it's not a bad idea to look at the silver lining, even if it's something tiny. Y'all did an amazing job with this VN. I can't wait to see more. Keep up the amazing work!

I'm really enjoying this so far! There isn't much yet but it still got me interested and hooked to see where the story is going to go. I'll be looking out for this one. Can't wait for future updates. Keep up the amazing work!

Personally, I would rather have the chapters in one game and have a chapter select.

I really enjoyed reading the first chapter. I do have a question however; Is Marcus the only one romancable? The first chapter is just mainly interactions between Callum and Marcus(which I don't mind one bit since he's the one I'm going for) and there are definitely intimate moments with him. Other than that, I really enjoyed it. The VN is also really well made for a one man team, so props to you for that! I can't wait for the next chapter. Keep up the amazing work!

Kody's new sprite tho...馃憖 He's hiding a whole bakery down there

Happy to hear that you weren't severely hurt! A falling wall could've gone much worse, but I'm glad that you came out relatively fine. Focus on your health first before you worry about finishing the translations for us and make sure you get plenty of rest. I wish you a speedy recovery and I hope you have an amazing day!

I just finished playing all the way to the latest build and I have to say that I really enjoyed it! For only 2 builds in, there is a lot of story and overall writing which I enjoyed greatly. The writing and storytelling is really well done and I really like where the story is going. I also can't wait to get to know the love interests better in the next build. Definitely gonna be keeping an eye on this VN from now on. Keep up the amazing work!

This indeed is such a hidden gem. The only minor thing that bothered me was the grammar. I do know that this was translated from Spanish to English, but I'm not saying that it was bad. It's definitely readable and understandable but at some times there are different past tenses and present tenses used incorrectly, but other than that, this VN is AMAZING! The story is beautifully written and the CGs and artwork is incredible.  I have only cried to a couple of VNs but this one definitely made me cry the most. Every single character's story has such an amazing and yet tragic story. They all had their own demons but they all have the strength to keep fighting and to keep moving forward. This VN is criminally underrated and I hope that this VN gets more spotlight because this story is so amazing. I can't say it enough of how much I enjoyed reading this. I wish you all the best and I look forward to the future updates. Keep up the amazing work!

An amazing start to the story! I really liked all of those references from different VNs and all of their plushies were adorable. The story seems really interesting so far and we already got a glimpse of some of the character's backstory which already gives us someone to choose as a favorite. As always, amazing artwork. It's really impressive to be drawing all of these characters and backgrounds by hand with so much detail. Keep up the amazing work!

An amazing start to this VN. It sets the setting, introduces us to all of the main characters, and shows a bit of backstory so that there's no confusion or misunderstanding. I really enjoyed the art, the story, and getting to know the characters; even if it was just an introduction. I really enjoyed this VN and I can't wait for future updates. Keep up the amazing work!

This VN so far is really interesting. I love the music. I'm just here sitting at the main menu listening to it. Ironically for a horror game, it's really calming and peaceful. I also love everything about Baron. I love the artwork, his design, and his personality. Hopefully I will be able to guide them to be together. Overall, I really like this VN and I can't wait for future updates. Keep up the amazing work!

Wow. This VN has got me going through a rollercoaster of emotions. There are so many questions that have yet to be answered and hopefully we will find said answers in the future builds. I absolutely love the writing, art, and the characters. I'm also loving the main menu song. I was about to start the game but then heard the music and I just stopped and listened to it for a good minute or two. Overall, this VN has potential and I can't wait for future builds. Keep up the amazing work!

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I'm really liking this VN! I absolutely love all of the characters and their designs. They all have their own personalities and I can't wait to get to know them more. The art is amazing and I loved the CGs. It seems like there's only a CG for Ryan, Clyde and the MC, but hopefully there will be an intro CG for everyone. Overall, this VN is amazing and is definitely one of my favorites already. Keep up the amazing work!

Edit: I forgot to mention, but when we get introduced to Ryan I immediately recognized the background music was "Wonder" by Shawn Mendes. That alone made me love this even more.

SHEESH!!!! These glow ups!

A solid start to the story! I'm really liking this VN so far and I can't wait when we can meet with Derek. Keep up the amazing work!

yes 猸愶笍—_—馃挧

I already love this VN. In general, surviving on an island is really appealing to me so that itself is already a plus. I love the characters as they all have their own personalities and the comedic parts of the story had me wheezing(especially Lucy). The art is also well done. I can't wait to see what this VN has to offer in the future. Keep up the amazing work!

(also whenever the MC's name is mentioned I can only picture a clown pedophile T-T)

Do you know when the full version of this VN will be out? I already played through the demo and it was really enjoyable. I can't wait for when the full version comes out. Keep up the amazing work!

A great start to the VN! I'm really liking the story and plot so far. The artwork for the CGs and the sprites are drawn really well. This VN definitely has potential. This was overall a great experience and I can't wait for future updates. Keep up the amazing work!

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This is my favorite update even if it's the only one. I love it when they played truth or dare, when they turned fighting the Epura into a gameshow, when Cooper and Lucas cuddled under the stars, and every moment of this update. I got a bunch of laughs, parts where I empathized with the characters, and overall really enjoyed this update. I love every single bit of this update and I can't wait for more of the story. I want to see how things will end up with Cooper and Lucas and the gang. I absolutely love this VN and I can't wait for future updates. Amazing job well done!

Ahh, I see. Thanks for the clarification!

Really great start to an amazing story! The only thing that seemed off to me was how fast the Jayden said "I love you" to Hardy. A moment ago Jayden says "I like you" and then Hardy tells Jayden that he loves him. Jayden then says I love you back to Hardy even though he just admitted to liking Hardy a moment ago and it seems a bit forced. They may have known each other for years but Jayden only realizes his affection for Hardy during the party which was only a day ago. It just seemed to move too fast for Jayden to say "I love you" to Hardy. Just my personal opinion though. Other than that, I love the story and the romance. The artwork is also charming. Keep up the amazing work!