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That was so fun and wholesome, I loved it! It's nice to have some new yeti friends :)

After placing one of the squares I accidentally moved off of the area where you are supposed to place said blocks and I was unable to get back on. Reloading the browser tab fixed it, though.

No One is Here community · Created a new topic Woah

I downloaded this game not expecting much. My mind was blown. Like, with the *bwooosh* sound effect and everything. Once I got to exploring the place, I was absolutely immersed.  The music made the game that much better. The mildly simplistic look of it even added onto it.  The game really forced me to think about what was happening, and after *spoiler* falling down through the cave and seeing the people falling, it really gave me moral questions. The layout of the city, with the moon-eye thing, the tower, the odd walkways you could fall off only to land straight back on, it all added onto the beauty of this game. *spoiler end* It was well planned and built, and I really enjoyed it!

I want to enjoy the game but I have no clue how to work the controls. I know WASD to move, but there's no way for me to select colorpicking. Could I have some help?