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Random Robo

A member registered Aug 19, 2019

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I had so much FUN with the game and I can't wait for future updates!

Check out my experience below. I usually do the edits, but I had someone else do it for a change so hopefully it turned out good. 

I just got this too. I'm currently trying to appeal it. It's bizarre because youtube allows so many things but this was something sexual? Very disappointed at the moment.

Despite some issues like lighting during the nabnab chase scene as well as a few glitches I experienced, this was overall a good game. I also, didn't expect a roblox obby. I really love those. Anyway, here's hoping part 4 is great!

It's my first time playing this game and I have to say I've never played anything like this in my life.

Is this the demo? I've never played it before but the full game was so addictive I need more Amanda content, so I might check it out.

This game is too addictive. So much so that I had to try to get all the tapes. 

Finally completed the game. I had so much fun playing this. I can't wait for more installments. Maybe a movie if this game gets big enough.

I really love the puzzles in this game. I'm still stuck on a few things but for the most part I'm really enjoying myself. Good job on the game. Only part 1 so far 

This game was really short but what it lacks in length it makes up in quality. Anyway, good job on this game and hope to see more games from you guys or atleast a full version of this game! Anyway, here's my experience with the game and once again good job on this

No problem. Anyway, keep making games!

I play scrabble as well as other related games on my android so this was a real treat. 

Very weird game but also fun. Wish we could explore this world a bit more. Anyway, here's my experience with the game.

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I'm way too noobish to beat this, even on normal difficulty! Great game regardless. Makes me want to give Undertale a try. It's one of those games I always want to try but something always came up. Anyway, here's my experience with this game.

BTW it would be nice to be able to download this game and also adjust the volume.

the game recently got an update so I had to give this another go! Anyway, here's my experience

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Victory at last! Sorry, I just had to say that. Anyway, great game overall. Anyway, here's my journey. Also, I can't wait for another update. I still can't believe this was a tutorial. I can't imagine level 1

I have to admit I've never simultaneously had fun while raging before, thanks for that unique experience. Unfortunately, I didn't beat the game, but it was something very special nonetheless. I really hope you make more levels or at least more interesting games like this. Good job overall! 

BTW here's my experience with the game. Mostly Raging. lol

This game was really fun. Wish they had more levels. Anyway great job! 

Here's part 2 

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Thank you so much for this strong narrative experience! I'm shocked I've never heard of this story driven game before. I'm a sucker for strong stories. Anyway, here's my experience so far with the game. Part 2 will be released tomorrow. Once again, thank you and keep up the good work!

The game is very addictive, so much so that I did a part 2

Oh, thank you. Yeah, you're game is pretty great. I can't wait for future updates

I know I'm extremely late to the party but this game is simply amazing! My only regret is not playing this game sooner. Anyway, here's my experience playing this game. 

I had to give it another go and surprisingly enough I finally beat it! Great game overall. I can see this game getting crazier as the levels progress. I'm super broke this year, but whenever I have the chance I'll support. Anyway,  I wish you and your team a Happy New Year.

Also, here's my video. My character rig was doing some wonky stuff so the avatars head was in the upward position the whole time.

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This was very intriguing to play. I applaud you guys for trying something like this. Usually when I think of coding, I automatically think of boring courses I took in college, but this actually peaked my interest. I'm not sure if coding is for me, but I showed this game to one of my relatives and they loved it. 

Anyway, here's my attempt to Learn to Code:

Holy crap!! I just noticed this game reminds me of the Deponia games! I'm a big fan of those. Anyway, this was a delight to play and I hope you move forward with this project!

This was surprisingly great for a game that was made in 14 days. You guys really know what you're doing. Anyway, I can't imagine what you could of pulled off with more time/resources. Unfortunately,  I couldn't beat the game but I had a blast playing regardless. I'll be watching you guys very closely.

This game was unbelievable! I hope to see more from this team in the future. Anyway, I did a video on my experience.

I'm still playing this game but it's fun so far

Here's the 2nd video. Overall great game. One of my top 3 indie games of this year so far 

This game was such a great experience. I'm looking forward to the full version someday. This is part 1 btw

This game might be a bit old but I had a lot of fun.

This was a very challenging game, I really enjoyed it. Thank you so much for the experience Might take some time before I can actually beat it

Part 2 in case you're curious. Overall fun game, love the humor.

This game was pretty good. I have to fully support a game this well polished.

This is part 1. I'm still trying to figure things out.

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This one is a real head scratcher. I love the fact that it's making me think, something I rarely do. BTW if you're wondering if the full game is worth it, it definitely is!

I only did a part 1 to this since I'm still confused on what to do 

Hayami scared the crap out of me! Short but really fun!

I tried my best but I'm just not that good.

This game was great! It has so much potential. Just uploaded a video on it. 

Really cool game with so much potential. I had so much fun playing this! I really can't wait until the full game is released.