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Random Robo

A member registered Aug 19, 2019

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This game was great! It has so much potential. Just uploaded a video on it. 

Really cool game with so much potential. I had so much fun playing this! I really can't wait until the full game is released.

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I had a lot of fun playing this, this game has so much potential!  I really can't wait for the full game. P.S - You guys are awesome!

Played the game 2 days ago and had a blast. It would be great if you guys continued this. Anyway, huge fan of the game, even though it's an extremely weird game.

I made a video of my journey through this weird world.

I'm about to play this game. I'm ok with jump scares, but is there any gore involved? Im trying to avoid gore, cursing, and extreme violence with blood. Sorry for asking but im a familyfriendly channel. Well i try to be anyway.

This game looks interesting. Is there any gore of any kind? I have a family channel, so I dont mind being scared but I cant have any crazy violence or blood in the videos. Also, no cursing.