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random perso n

A member registered Mar 19, 2022

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if u hold space while u press arrow notes in pc it change voice (in some it doesnt work)

if ur on pc, the secret key is P. u need to click it when on in the peashooter that have the guns

btw sans vocals i cant spam a note so fix it 

yea i agree this game is good!

i downloaded it and its pretty cool

yeah i agree too

because hypno says that bro                                      

learn some songs bro (no hate tho)

bro its rickroll

he really should do that i think.. but he will post on youtube so we have to wait saturday again

yes very cool B)

ur not; ur the one that said well well well what do we have here

no hate tho- :I

what do you want

lol ask it on his youtube channel or on the latest update he did  :I



im gonna try it

(1 edit)

cool test also pls add new bambi mods pls do it(click red link to see some bambi mods videos on youtube)

click the red link to see some bambi mods on youtube

im 6th pls do some new bambi mods

its R