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Yes! You can! Two people can play on the keyboard and one on a gamepad ;)

For now we're making the game for PC and MAC, who knows if in the future we'll have a console version.

Right now we've uploaded an exe for windows, dunno if you can make that work on a 360 with some hacker magic :0

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Yes, sorry for that. We're are working to add a multilanguage option. Right now the instructions are pretty simple:

  • On the title screen press A to start the game.
  • Then, each player press A to join ("Unirse").
  • Use left, right and A to select the character you want. In the room for character selection you can try the controls (in this page you have a picture with the controls in English).
  • When you're ready drop into the pit in the middle of the room to start the match (the one that have "Listo" above it. When all the player have dropped into the pit you have press start to start the game (a text appears in the screen that basically says that).
  • In the game the only text that appears are the player's number. "Jug. 1" or "J1" means "Player 1" (Jugador 1)

Hope this helps!

Thx!! :3

Thanks! :D