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I enjoyed every interaction with the characters currently in the game, and felt the writing wasn't ever too cliche or cringe for that matter. The art and music for the settings of the characters really extended their personality, in a charming way that immersed me quite easily. I had misread and initially thought this was a full release, but it clearly states otherwise lol, so instead I look foward to the full release and thank you for the experience :D . - Love, Ramster 

Serial killer pig man, taunts and torments you, espicially after a late night at the office with you're creepy co-worker, that alone had me more than frightful. ( Last game I played at 10:22 ) 

Creepy and unsettling, quite literally from you're initial startup of exploring the school. Also nice reference to SCP-087 :D (2nd game I played at 5:06 )

Nice setup for what would lead to a revenge story of a man who was never, brought to justice, which is my kind of story. Short and sweet experience 1st game I played in my recent video :D

Wow I really thought this was inspired by Junji Ito's "The Lighthouse" but it turns out he was apparently inspired by the original film! I liked it and here's my playthrough with a couple other games 

The setup for the story is really refreshing to see, and the setting was well placed, would LOVE to see if it gets the full features y'all have planned. Played it with a couple other scary games :) 

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Eerie house in the middle of seemingly nowhere, filled with creepy crawlers,not bad at all. Played it with a couple other scary games :)

Keep them coming! :

This game is very unsettling in the best way possible, the setting of the whole house sets off chills that something is amiss. My play through with a couple other games, if you'd like to see :)

The setup for this short story was well done, I was in suspense the entire time, congrats on you're first game, my playthrough with a couple other games if you'd like to see :)