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Wow, I love this game so much and even though I raged tf out I had a blast! 

A diamond in the rough, I loved the atmosphere! It would be awesome to see more of this world. 

For a cursed sonic game this was pretty good, I liked it.

I loved the art style! Definitely looking forward to playing some more of your work.

This was so much fun, great job.

I really love this style of horror. Well made…. I also had a little too much fun with the song at the end lol.

ooooooo this was very good, I absolutely love the art style. I’m excited to see the full release and I will be following this closely.

I do love a horror game that makes you think. Very well made.

I am very excited to see where this goes, I will definitely be keeping a close eye on the development. 

For your first game, you absolutely hit it out of the park! Great job!

That was fantastic, I wish it was longer!

It would be a crime to not do more with this story! What a fantastic game and plot!

Had a couple of bugs but overall another hilarious game. Thank you, 616.

In a sea of jumps are horror games this was a super refreshing and fun experience. I look forward to playing more of your games!

Another fantastic update. I have been following this game since the beginning and it just keeps getting better and better. Thank you, Team Terrible.

Well made and the graphics are beautiful 

Made in 1 week!? Not bad, I really enjoyed it.

another fantASStic 616 game lmao
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Lmao that was awesome! I can’t wait for the Choo Choo, I’ve had it in my wishlist for months!

oooo this was very good, I’m excited for chapter 2

Wow, that was good. 

Way scarier than I was expecting it to be. A+ on the atmosphere.

Solid TD game. My only complaint really is collecting the gold becomes a huge hassle late game. Maybe some sort of magnet upgrade could be implemented to make collecting easier   

What a brilliant idea for a horror game. Fingers are crossed for a full game. 

Well you've got a new supporter, that was incredible. 

I really enjoyed this, it reminded me of the days when I played diner dash. I would definitely love to see more of this! 

I’m really excited to see where this game goes! My only complaint is some of the mechanics needs work like when and where you can throw rocks and some of the places you could “fall” and die. Other than that this was a ton of fun!

I'm actually excited to play this, I love platformers.

that was amazing 😆

that was too much fun, I can’t wait for more! Also I loved the original idea on the health system. 

Cant wait to see where you go with this concept!

Very promising, I’m excited to see more of your work. The sound design was by far my favorite part of the game!

A+ for originality, I would definitely play more levels 😆

What an adorable game! I had a blast with this, I'm excited to turn this into a series!

Less of a game and more of an art piece, what a beautiful experience.

Surprisingly fun! Pretty bummed I found all but 1 of the secrets. Maybe I will have to play through it again lol 

😂 I know what you mean. fantastic game, I’m excited to play more of your games!