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Solved Spy Quest today, it was a lot of joy to play your short adventure gem! Everyone who loves classic AGI games should take a look on your game! 

Thanks again for your small hint. :)

A splendid game that is addictive!

It just feels like a game I used to play on my Gameboy Color. I can recommend Highlighters to anyone who wants to play an exciting puzzle game with a retro look!

I enjoyed your game! Nice comic book graphics and the story could be adapted as an episode of Twillight Zone. Well done!

The demo is so much fun! Looking forward to play the full game! :)

Terrific and fun colorful 2D retro game with cute cats on brombas! It's worth to play!

I've beated all 100 puzzles in Snow Problem. They were challenging, but they were right for me.

It was a pleasure to play!

Nice! 👍😉

Super! 😁👍 I'm looking forward to see another let's play from you! I've already subscribed your channel! 😉

Thank you so much and I noticed in your let's play that you enjoyed my game so much. 😊 I plan to create another horror game called "Zuckerbub".

Yes, my native language is German and believe me German is mich harder than English. 😉😅 Fortunately, I improve my English everyday.

Super! 😃 When I've finished my new horror game I'll let you know. 👍

Ooops... "Don't let you fool by your own fear" makes indeed no sense. I meant "Don't be fooled by your own fear". ☺️🙈

My description was still from 2020, before I improved my English during my study abroad.

Thank you so much for your reply and your let's play! 😃 I'm honored! 😊 For the future I have plans for a horror survival platformer called "Zuckerbub".