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It's alright, but the ziplines are way too slippery and the spikes reset you instead of  just doing damage, it makes parkour annoying.

It keeps on crashing, does anyone know what I should do

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High score 225

Top three in order

  1. Web of desire (Missionary with kissing/tit sucking and more embrace)
  2. Cowgirl
  3. Doggy style

(Does anal count as a position? If so it's 4th)

Oh really? I just got it off the top of my head, neat.

I clicked but I can't get it to work

I don't get it

Freya, I feel like that's a good name

Can I have some help with the cabinet on the second floor

The game itself is fun and interesting, but I wouldn't call it a roguelike. I would love to see more animals, worlds and gene upgrades in the future,. P.S. Maybe make the ship just a tad wider, it gets crowded.

"OOF, owww..."


"Oh! I am so sorry"

"*Deep inhale* What were you doing in the tree?"

"Picking buds"

"What? Why?"

"Not important, I need to get going, bye!"

Maybe a "Beat fight X times to unlock auto battle", and make X higher depending on depending on the rewards

Is the prank that it won't turn on?

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Code for anyone that can't find it (7458)

I got back from slaying the troll, and spoke with Zaria, but now what?

The best slut's origin story, neat

Where do I input the codes?

Hey the download won't move, what do I do?

The text boxes don't work, is this a me problem or are other people having it

I just got the drone and now I'm stuck. Help

I love it, but what does it mean to connect to X many pips

Baked potatoes? Maybe mashed? Oh, fries! Wait, no, vodka!

Does this game have an end, or does it just keep going?

It can be hard, but it feels easy once its done

Horny? Really? Because of the horns?

My bro has ADHD and sometimes I feel like this is running thru his head every time I talk to him