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I was 17 when I first played the first Butterfly Soup game. It was on a stream date with a woman I had just begun dating - a woman who years later would become my fiancée.

I cracked open this new title and was instantly greeted with a wave of nostalgia. The same charm from the first game was still present, just with even more polish now. I feel like I am back in that silly date. We played that whole first game in one sitting - I remember so vividly sitting on the futon of my childhood home giggling at the characters’ antics with the love of my life on the phone.

I’m closing the game now, not even five minutes into it. Not because I didn’t like it, but because I want to wait to like it. I’m going to wait until I can enjoy this with my fiancée. I will update this review when that time comes. I just wanted to thank you, Brianna Lei, for the wonderful memories and cozy feelings you’ve brought me and my fiancée.

the animations oh my god they were so cool and this game is soooo cool. i was literally on the edge of my seat the whole time!!!

bruh part 2 when 

i was gonna wait for my gf to give her input on this game, bc i wanted a more complete comment, but i’m impatient!!! anyways, this game went HARD.. the art, the writing ... mama mia bro