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I don´t know if you have the Yanfly library, but here is the link to the one I mean:

Hello Ramza!

Really cool you implemented it and it works great^^

Would It be also possible for you to make it work with Yanfly Item Menu Categories? You can basically setup as many categories as you want and it would make navigating even more comfortable. With this you could seperate all the armor types like shields and helmets.

Maybe you like my idea!^^

Hello Ramza!

Any updates on that feature?

And is there any way to tip you? You have updated this plugin so many times and I want to honor that my friend!^^

Hey Ramza,

would it be possible for you to add the item types like hidden item A and B to the "Use Item Category Window" option? I would like to use the category window, but some of my important ingrediants are items with the type hidden item A. Would be cool if you consider it^^

Uiuiuiui! I just tested it and so far it works great. Thank you very much Ramza!^^

Hello Ramza! Do you got time to look at the problem?

Hello Ramza,

Unfortunately the <Forbidden wtypes: x, y, z> do not work anymore for weapons. I tested it on the previous version and it worked, on the new update don´t.

The new features work fine, thank you for that!^^

Awesome that you wanna add this function, thank you!

I took a look at the <Forbidden Wtypes: x y z> function and it turns out when you have a claw in you your offhand equipped, you can only select claws for the mainhand. This works fine as the description of the function says, but wouldn´t it be nicer if you could select also all the other weapons the character could equip?

Lets say you have a claw in your offhand, it still let´s you equip all the other possoble weapons in the mainhand, but if it´s not a claw ether, it should clear out the offhand. With this version the player could always see all the weapons he can use on the character.

Maybe this is an interesting mechanic you wanna add? But it is not really an important one xD

Hey Ramza! Dipped my toe into this plugin and it works well so far. But there are two little things I want to do with it.

I have a character who can eqip 3 different weapon types, these are swords, claws and chakrams. The sword is a one handed weapon and can be equipped with a shield. everything fine.

The other two should be weapons for dual wield like 2 metalclaws etc.

Now to the problem. If I equip just one claw, I´m able to equip a shield, but I just want to give the option to just equip another claws. Is this possible? Maybe I´m overlooking something^^

Hello! Is it possible to use the offset in an move route script call, like in yanflys offset plugin? I ask, because your plugin is more compatible with my other plugins I´m using.

Hello! Would it be possible to hide some of the stats? I don´t use MDF and LUK in my game^^ And I would like to change the "Press Z or X to continue" text to another language.

Have a nice day^^

Hello! I really like the function of the plugin. I want to suggest an extra function. Maybe you know skill like libra or scan. It would be cool to show the enemyinfo only when using one of the above written skills.  And if you want the enemyinfo again, you have to use the skill again.

-Have a nice day^^


Would it be possible to modify it a bit? I would like to use this as a goodlooking choice system for a bunch of different thing. Like choosing a new character or just activate a switch or variables. The possible uses would be endless!^^

Ah good then I found it xD

Thanks for your fast replay, as always!^^

Hey ramza! Thank for your Update! Works like a charm!^^

The conformation window for crafting an item displays at the bottom of the screen. It´s not a problem. I was just curious if it was intentional.^^

Hi Ramza! There is a small problem with the new feature. When you craft something, the cursor stays in position, but you can´t just craft another one. You must move your cursor one more time. I hope you get what I mean!^^ Have a nice day.

Also, there is a little bug when you enter the recipelist via plugin command. You press ok to craft something and you can still move the cursor in the recipe list. After one buggy menu cursor thing, it normalizes.

Hey Ramza! I found something!

In DQ11 Mode, when you only have 1 ingredient, you can still craft from the recipe list, with an recipe that uses 2 of the same items.

And maybe another quality of life feature would be, to let the cursor stay at the recipe position when you craft something. That would make it easier to craft multiple of the same items in DQ11 Mode!^^

have a nice day!

Awesome! It works like a charm now. I only found that bug, because I was preparing a new version of my game with the craft system. I heavily tested it and found this bug. 

It´s a little bit odd, nobody noticed it by now...

Your plugin is awesome Ramza!
Thank you for the good work and your great support!

They are not selectable at all. I selected the shield, because it´s the only armor-type that are working.

Thank you and have a good sleep!^^

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Hey Ramza! Great update, but sry to bother you again.

I think I found a major bug. You can´t select body and head "armor types" in the scene, they are greyed out. It also happens in your demo project. YEP item core causes the problem. At first I thought my plugin setup or ther plugins are causing the trouble, but as I said it also happens in the demo project.

Maybe you have time to take a look at it. Have a nice day!

I need the relock ability for an tutorial. In this tutorial you craft an "Awakening Potion", but later on in the game, the "Awakening Potion" is called differently because they didn´t know the right name for it right away. Renaming a recipe should do the trick too.^^

To unlock the recipe by name gives the advantage to not mess up you recipe unlock books. In my game you can find recipes in bookshelfs, but when I mess around with the position of the recipes in the plugin, the index to unlock might change and cause maybe trouble.

Thank you for your quick reply as always.

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Hey Ramza!

Is it possible to relock a recipe? 
And can you unlock a recipe with a name? (example: UnlockRecipe Potion)

And the update 1.15 is really nice. Maybe you could remove the "/" for the DQ11 mode, because it doesn´t show the recipe cost.

Have a nice day^^

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That was fast! Thank you very much!^^

I don´t know if it´s too much to ask, but can you do a "Weak" (in red) and "Immun" (in blue) text in the same size like the "Miss" text? It would fit so much better in my game.^^


Really like these numbers, but they are a little small for my taste.

Do you have time to make a Version like the size of Olivia´s modified version of the octopath numbers?

Hey Ramza!

Is there a way too Show and Hide the Recipe List in the Menu like the Main Plugin? I think it´s "ShowCraftScene" and "HideCraftScene" there.

I wanted to do this with the Recipe List too, but I couldn´t find it?  Is there a trick to do it?

Hey, gratz on the Demo!^^

How did you do the light and shine effects?

Thank you for your quick solution! It works like it used to be^^

But I think there could be a new bug, not a big one, but now it seems you automaticly get the weapons and armor from the Hero´s set in the database.

Hello Ramza!

I found a pretty gamebreaking bug. Your main crafting plugin makes the game only decrease one of a particular item. Even if you decreased it by 10.

Example: the player gets 50potions and later he gives 10potions to an old lady. After you handed out the potions, you can see there are 49potions in your inventory left.

I hope you get what I mean!^^ I tested it also in your sample project. Please try to reproduce the bug. 

It seems like I use your plugin completely different as its supposed to be xD I was never in need of wildcard ingredients.

Such as parameter to hide that window would really be a pleasure^^ thank you in advance!

Once again you safed the day xD Thank you very much!!!

Now I´m here with suggestions. Maybe you also think they are worth to implement.^^

If you turn on item category, it only shows the base category, but not the hidden items etc...   

It would be just nice, because I categorize other crafting materials in hidden items A to serepate them in yanfly´s item categories

Maybe a you can turn on a switch if you craft something for the first time. This can be used for crafting quest and maybe more...

Tell me what you think!^^ 




I hope I dont´t stress you out, because I´m asking that much. Do you have time to update the Text strings like in the Main Plugin? But there is no hurry.

And I have a question/suggestion:

What´s the red box for? I could not find anything about it...

Maybe you can change that to look like the Informational mode.  But if I´m wrong and the box is for something, then don´t bother with me xD

I thougt it would be more optimal to see more of the recipes at once.^^

Hey Ramza!^^ It´s works like a charm. Thank you very much. Now I can craft like I wanted to. xD

Is there a way to translate these lines? Maybe I am blind?

Hello! I don´t want to be rude, but is there any chance you got the time for the dragon quest like feature I ask for? There is not really a need to be in hurry, I was just curios.^^

The patch works great, thanks you!

I stumpled over your recipe list plugin, exactly what I needed.

Sadly it only works if more than one crafting category is set.

Do you have time to implement an Option to skip the "select crafting category" window like in the main plugin?

Thanks for your fast reply!^^ It´s a joy to see that you are so pationed about your plugins.  I really appreciate it that you are helping me.

About the request. Really cool from you to implement it.  You giving me hope to create my Dream rpg!^^ Thank you! <3

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Hello! Loving your plugin, but I have a problem. I really want to combine two of the same Items together. Like it is in Dragon Quest 8, where you can combine two Medicinal Herb´s to an Strong Medicine, but I can´t select two of the same Items. Do you have time to help me with this issue?

Also I wanted to ask if there is any method to ged rid of the quantity selection in the crafting scene? Like mentioned above, I only want to combine one item at a time and have the option for multiple selctions of the same item.

And I think I encountered a bug. I have a crafting scene with two crafting slots available. The First time I click on the second, third or fourth slot it plays the Total Failure Sound. If the first click was on the second slot, it closes the scene. If the first click was on the third or fourth slot it just plays the Failure Sound. After I clicked on one of the last two, I can click on the second slot without getting thrown out of the scene. Any Idea what that causes?

I set the plugin up like this: