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Nice. looking forward for your game. How can i get notification when the game released? i'm so eager to know the continuation of this game.

oh and in your picture where all party members gather in the snow, (cmiiw) i can see clearly that Roland is higher than Farrah.

ah okay then if it was intended. btw i found a glitch when changing equipment. When you change equipment for Troy then you switch to Roland, you cant change Roland's weapon after that. Roland's weapon of choice will be dual blade and the same goes for Troy if you change Roland's weapon first. To get rid of this glitch, you need to get out of Status menu and reenter it again.

haha nice, what engine do you use btw? and at the start where farrah and roland talk, roland's portrait seems to be a little imbalance imo. i dunno if you intend to do it or no. But i think it'll be better if you position it a little higher like troy or farrah. just started the demo now and i'm just curious about that. i'll let you know when i finished the game :)

do you work as a team or do it alone?