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Info o what each upgrade does would be nice

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Really cool game, also couldnt plant more than one of the initial seed and such

No saving means I won't be putting in any more time into this though, I'll probably check back and play when I can save

What's the point of having a bigger field if you have to click for all your income and you can only click one fruit at once?

Maybe make them smaller and let them snap in place around the edges and among themselves at least lol

Kinda weird that it's better to not upgrade your dice until re-roller will make it roll automatically (for example waiting for reroller level 6 before upgrading any die, and sitting at the entry level die at level 4 re-roller)

Menu is a clusterf*** lol, can barely fit everything in the screen, having them static using a design made by you would feel better

I always just right click the chrome tab and mute it lol

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It's also clickable right after starting the game when you have 0 dollars and there's no way to go back, wtf?

Reached a point very early when I only have one ball left, it's not moving either and none are spawning anymore? I also have o clue what the blue bar below does

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I really like the concept but the balancing is quite bad, too slow, progressing floors doesn't reward you much except for a carrot, which isnt that big of an upgrade after you spend it. It's actually worse since your chances of succeeding go lower, and it takes even longer to make it better than on the previous floor

Oh now I get it, the upgrades are slots you buy lol

Upgrades don't seem to do anything and neither does minion range? Not sure on the speed as that could be a slight increase each time

At least on chrome, you can right click the tab and mute it, I do that for most games lol

Same happens to me