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So I've had several kids now (w/ Yuki, Kenji, Jade, Zaheed,  in that order) and have been trying to get back with Anthony and have been trying since I broke up with Jade. when I get back with him his hearts are back down to the blues (so I have to re-date him?) He'll invite me over with the "i really miss you honey, please come over and visit if you have time" but it seems stuck? I can't get the scene to trigger. I've spent 2 days popping in once an hour to see if I could trigger it but it didnt happen. I'm able to still move in / marry/ date, and have kids with other people but still cant get his scene to trigger when I'm with him. Tried filling up his pink bar again before getting back with him (and jade too to see if that would fix it) and nothing's worked so far. I've also been time skipping via sleeping because I've unlocked and done almost everything now so im just trying to find all the dialog bits for everyone now. I've tried this with the items mods + Marina and without the items mods (still with Marina on)

As for modding, I'm planning to add a new character (art in the works) and I was wondering if you're able to make them be able to date and have kids? Also do you need to use the steam workshop to make the mods work? I've tried modding new hair unto the PC as a proof of concept (that I could work the file structure) but it didnt work. Didnt do it on the Steam workshop though.

Thank you