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The game looks interesting, but the pause menu appears to be broken, and there's no sound. There's also no sense of direction, I have no idea what to do. No damage seemed to be dealt from or to either side.

It's an amazing looking game, and the sound designs are very nice and cute! However, in the second "level" with the pushing box, I could not pull it, and the box got stuck on the ramp. So I was left with no idea what to do, and a seemingly important part of the puzzle was out of action.

It's got a very mirror's edge type feel to it, but it's also still unique! I love the feel of it, and the sort of semi-freeroam of a controlled area where you can go anywhere within it's borders is kinda cool. I would definitely like to see a full game.

fun, but a bit confusing to new players, and the controls feel a little slow. I didn't even realize there was a health counter, perhaps making it bigger or more obvious would help?

The controls are either laggy or unresponsive, and don't make a lot of sense. It could potentially be fun as a dungeon crawler game, but it's too difficult to control/understand.

A fun game, though a little unoriginal. Feels a bit like an off brand Hot Lava. However, with a bit of control refinement (and a few bug fixes, I was able to walk on the lava sometimes) it has potential!

while the textures and animations are very interesting, the lack of sound, instruction, or way to exit/pause other than ctrl+alt+tab is frustrating, and I was not very entertained. With narrative, goals, a little extra environment and focus, it could be a good game though!