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Okay I never comment on anything but THIS game? Beautiful. Unmatched. Exquisite. Bewitching. And all the synonyms TheSaurus can find for "lovely"

The characters are great, the art is lovely, the soundtrack is a chef's kiss, it is so well-written (and I sorta relate a lot to MC oops), and I can't just "stop" when I play it - I must finish a game in one setting

Thank you for making this game, it was a pleasure to play. I finished Gavin and Percy (as of right now he's my favorite) and do plan to do everyone's routes

This looks absolutely stunning! 

(Deleted my previous comment because my question was stupid and I should learn to read lol)

I swear that you are a lifesaver as this music is a blessing to my current WIP. Thank you so much for making your work available to indie developers !! 

So I just played this with my best friend and we loved it let me tell you. It was simple, fun, and not too long. Everything we needed for a quick activity before having to leave each-other (because of French Covid curfews).

We put our own twist to it: we both rolled the dice to quickly finish the randomized part of the game and then acted everything out as if two employees were meeting up after work and telling stories about their daily work life. I'd recommend this if you guys want a multiplayer spin on this. 

Got it! Thanks for the quick reply \o/ 

Apologies if this has already been asked but is it compatible with Ren'Py? This looks absolutely amazing! 

This is actually very relaxing! It's a very cute little game