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Judging from how the game looks, there wont ever be an android version will there? I dont wanna get my hopes up

Really like what you got going on here. Not too grindy, right amount of story bits, love the day to day slice of life style of storytelling. Not a lot of these types of games do it well. I also dig the artsyle. Can't wait to see where you go with this. Hopefully I can support you later on once I'm out of dept, but until then don't burn yourself out

Will steam users have access to the patreon exclusive scenes or do we still have to  subscribe?

Will we have access to patreon exclusive scenes if we buy it on steam?

Is that a body pillow I see on the merch store thumbnail? When will that be available for order may I ask?

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I swear if we don't get a Maeve lewd soon your gonna break my heart. WAITIN SO LONG🎵!!!!