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It's really hard and I suck at it. But I did try a lot, which I think is a good sign, that I wanted to keep trying despite how hard it was for me.

The speed changing ability is neat, though it seemed kind of weird to me at first. It seemed like it was just better to be faster. But as I played I realized this was actually pretty useful. Would be nice to have a sound go with speed changing. Actually, it would probably be good to have three sounds, one for each speed level. I think the clouds and mountains in the background of the first stage are too noisy. I'm bad so I'm not sure if this might have affected my ability to see and dodge projectiles but I do think it's a little distracting.

Neat. The controls are a bit weird and could be improved, but I guess it feels sort of more like King's Field that way, which is what you're going for, right? Well keep at it, something pretty cool could emerge.

I can't complain too much about the unoriginal art assets and stuff, because for this kind of thing, if it works, it works. But I do suggest you learn some basic 3D modeling and texturing if you don't know some already; if not to make your own art, then at least to modify the art you get from elsewhere to work better, be more efficient and fix any possible problems with it.

There were a lot of enjoyable parts so far, and I think I've also been everywhere. It'd be interesting to see a sort of simple flowchart-map of the game.

So yeah, good stuff, hope to see more of it.

It looks like a lot of the assets aren't original, and I'm okay with that, but some look excessively high poly, like the telescope for example. In the area with the Eye of Horus all over everything, in the sandy outside, it lags a lot to walk against the little gazebo. My guess, which may be wrong, is that you had Unity generate the gazebo's colliders or something, and since it's a concave form, the collisions are as complex as they can be. Unlike when that gazebo model is big like in that other area, the player is colliding with a lot more faces of it at once when it's small. It'd be better to just make your own simplified collision mesh.

Of course, misleading may be exciting and interesting if done well, and you've done some good misleading and surprises that feel distinctly dreamlike. Like the return to the room from the cave, for example. This also relates to how you've taken advantage of the first person view, to get some more of those "physical" dream sensations, like dropping into the water bottle, traversing some rotating wood blocks in the sky, old man Jupiter crashing or the bird swooping to catch the player on the island, and all that. Those are all fun to experience. The drive with the skeleton and the frog was another nice part, but I would have liked to have been able to lean around a bit in the car seat.

The transitions when moving between areas should be improved. While you do have it fade in when the new scene loads, it should fade out before the scene changes too, even if only very brief.

I have a liking for surreal exploration games, so this game interests me, simple as it is. Making a dream-exploration game is something that I've thought about doing a lot, especially one based on my own dream journal. I like what you have so far, and I hope you continue adding for a while.

One thing that bothered me was that there were too many things that led to the same places or looped back to the bedroom. I think just more content would probably fix this though. Similarly, in the area with the mermaid on the couch, the sail boat on the pedestal, and the other boat, I hesitated to interact with the pedestal boat because I thought it would bring me to the place that had the boats and pillars in it, which I had been to many times already. Once I did interact with it I was surprised to end up in a completely different place from where I expected. So watch out for stuff that might seem kind of misleading in that way.

I did it, and the pig got big. You could make this into something pretty good, especially with the exploding poop mechanic. You could have it break through certain obstacles and allow the player to sort of grenade jump with it. Lots of possibilities from this point... In fact, if you're not going to make something like that, then I'm going to have to.

Neat. Movement control was good and animation was nice. The lite sabre animation though is a bit too stiff, and the special attack looks awkward. I really appreciate the breast jiggle. The quick shoot mechanic is cool, it's fun to get the timing right for a really long string of shots. Good stuff.

I pretty much lost all my reputation at first, but I slowly made it back up and started making some big money. But that was before you updated it... No more Ave Maria, it seems. It'd be nice if the amount in stock text would update as you bought stuff, instead of having to roll over the item again to see it change. After like the second turn in the updated version, it freezes. Looking at the log, it seems like it gets stuck in a loop and says

"Succesfully distributed visitors!"

over and over, thousands of times until I close the game

So yeah unfortunately can't say too much about the game, it's obviously really early on anyway, but I quite like the idea.

It's fun. The graphics are sometimes a little unclear because of the low resolution and sprite design (sorry, I know you've heard this kind of thing a million times), but I think they mostly work pretty well in motion. I like the effect on the water especially. Like Fervir, I too missed that first door for a while and got a little stuck because of it. The downstairs areas look a bit better in terms of colors, stuff is more readable and less noisy.

How items physically exist in the inventory is an interesting feature. Having to click on items to pick them up is sometimes a little finicky though, and they can sometimes be hard to make out. The different weapons/magics were fun to use and were each useful in their own way, and the sounds for everything are nice so far.

In general it's fun, good stuff so far.

What happens exactly? Does it freeze before you even get to the menu, or before you get in game, or during gameplay?

Something general to try: Right click NighttimeVistor.exe and create a shortcut. Right click the new shortcut and go to its properties. In the Target line, add a space to the end, and then type this:


Click OK and then open the shortcut to run the game and see if it works.

Sorry, there isn't right now.

Right now, it's just Windows, but maybe I'll try to build for Mac soon.

Thanks. I'm gonna do more than update it.

There isn't much at my blog yet, but soon I think some posts regarding the incident of a particular nocturnal visitation will trickle in:

Follow if you want to see that stuff, and thanks for playing.


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There is indeed a goal. You can escape through the stairs door, once you find it. Though the ending is nothing much, I didn't have enough time to implement something proper there. You're not missing much. Thanks for playing!

You can't, because it's an exe file and the data folder, which has a bunch of files inside of it, including 3 more folders of stuff. Everything should be in the right place in the zip. Try renaming the folder next to the exe just "Data".

Maybe I should make an installer...

Try renaming the data folder simply to "Data". Normally, the data folder needs to have the exact same name as the exe file, except with "_Data" at the end. But just "Data" should work too. If that doesn't work, try redownloading the game, or try restarting your computer. Otherwise I'm not quite sure what this could be, it seems like a random Unity problem or something that may be caused by a small glitch during zip archive extraction...

Thanks for your comment, and for the video. To avoid Alex it helps to call him and listen for his phone ringing, to try and estimate where he is.

Thanks for the comment and the video. The game is indeed beatable, if you can escape. I suppose I could say it takes a bit of tactical phone usage and perhaps a little luck to do it.

No, the game is free. There should just be a download button right above.

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Thanks for playing and making a video. Remember, if you're worried about where Alex is, you can call him and listen for the ring of his phone (if you have signal).

It's true, there's no mechanical use to knocking on doors... Just sometimes you'll get someone who replies.

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Thanks so much. I probably will try to make a better, expanded, more complete version of the game.

I'm not sure what it could be so I'd have to look at the log. Could you go into the folder NighttimeVisitor_data, find the file output_log.txt, and send that file to this email:

Try this: Right click NighttimeVistor.exe and create a shortcut. Then right click the new shortcut and go to its properties. In the Target line, add a space to the end, and then type this:


Click OK and then open the shortcut to run the game and see if it works.

First off, gotta get WinRAR if you don't have it:

Once you've got it, or if you've already got it, just download the game and it'll come in a RAR archive. Put the archive where you want the game to be. Then you just right click the archive and click "extract here". That should be all you need to do, then you can play it.

Played some with a couple of my friends. It was really fun, simple as it is. I'm interested to see this improve.

I don't know if you were at the stream or not but some of us made a room and played. It was fun, I also really liked the squeaky shoes sounds. Not enough feedback to tell if you've hit someone, could be more satisfying and noticeable on that front especially since it gets a bit hectic. Nice job though.