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Phantasm Lake

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This game looks identical to an abandoned early access title on Steam called Garbage Day. I wonder what asset pack was used.

I'm glad you liked my very rudimentary effort at making a game! I am in the process of making a second game, which will be longer and have actual mechanics in it as opposed to just walking and listening to voices :)

No message, Mr Microwave. I press the install button, and soon as the download is about to finish it just stops and the button still says "install" instead of play. I have deleted the folders for the game too. This is the only game I cannot download. I can download and play your other games perfectly fine

This is a great title, and very much recommended. Really cool developer.

One problem I have as of the past few weeks is that I cannot install it though. Is this an issue on my end, or perhaps an error with a recent update by Dave?

Thank you, dude! Yeah it was tiny, as I wanted to keep to the original 30 day deadline, and it didn't help I had a fulltime job while making this. I had great people with me though as the voice actors I used did fantastic considering how amateur the production of this was on my end :)

Oh deer, such a good game!

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I really liked what you made, and wish you luck for any future gaming endeavours you decide to embark upon!

You did really great! Such cool assets, I hope you continue in the world of game devving.

Very clever premise, and awesome mechanics. The hookshot is great, and I especially enjoyed how the tutorial messages popped up when relevant so that the action kept moving. 
Sound was really pleasant, especially the music.

A rather difficult title, but an amusing one. Very cute feeling to it.

Fantastic graphical assets, great use of sound and atmosphere, and really cool puzzle mechanics.

Thank you kindly! I do have another weird game in development which I began before this jam event. I hope you like talking friendly dolls!

That was a very cool game, I really enjoyed the premise of ascending the outer buildings and going across the rooftops.

As for the street names you have Bachman Street, with Richard Bachman being a writing alias for Stephen King. A street named Bradbury is also in your game, who wrote Fahrenheit 451. 
Silent Hill has the street names: Bradbury, Bachman, Bloch, Ellroy, Finney, Levin, Midwich, and Matheson. 
Coincidence, I think not! :)