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Phantasm Lake

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Lovely video on the game! 

Looks all very lovely! Hope to buy it soon

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Howdy, I am very interested in the textures which fit perfectly into what I'm making. Can everything here be used for commercial projects? As that would would be my intention if I purchased, to be used in a game.

Hello, I saw your submission on the FB page just now. Was ever so good, well done on making it! 

Well done on release, space mamma bear!

Was an excellent video here!

Yes, paid assets and free ones obtained legally are fine. 

A spooky and nice experience!

I really liked this! Great experience all throughout.

This was cool! I liked the characters, and voice acting :)

Real pretty, and spooky! Enjoyed it a lot

Very nice game! spooky!

Really awesome! Had a great time all throughout! 

Fantastic how you had the subtle hints as to what's going on.

Nice voice acting! Was a bit too blurry I thought, but liked the style it went for.

Really enjoyed this entry! The textures and models were fantastic, as was the atmosphere

That is very kind of you. Both of my games are jam submissions, with this one having been created in 3 days. I really want to get better and more in depth via mechanics such as the use of animations, and gameplay that is more than just basic camera controls.

It's a very long road ahead, as I have been self-learning since 2018, and am on my own for the majority of this, but I hope I can make something both spooky and enjoyable :)

Thank you a lot! I am doing a lot of models for the full version, with this jam being a sort of prequel demo, and ideally want a lot more game mechanics and animations involved for what I am creating.

Indeed, it's very much a 3 minute walking simulator! I'm currently developing my 2nd game, which unlike Solbone, will not be under a strict 30 day deadline, and as a result will feature a lot more.

Very spooky, I look forward to seeing the future cases. 

I wasn't too keen on having to constantly holster the gun due to hearing the sound effect every time I wanted to inspect, and I could pull out the weapon so fast that it wasn't a mechanic I thought necessary.

I really enjoyed this. Very nice writing and humour!

This game looks identical to an abandoned early access title on Steam called Garbage Day. I wonder what asset pack was used.

I'm glad you liked my very rudimentary effort at making a game! I am in the process of making a second game, which will be longer and have actual mechanics in it as opposed to just walking and listening to voices :)

No message, Mr Microwave. I press the install button, and soon as the download is about to finish it just stops and the button still says "install" instead of play. I have deleted the folders for the game too. This is the only game I cannot download. I can download and play your other games perfectly fine

This is a great title, and very much recommended. Really cool developer.

One problem I have as of the past few weeks is that I cannot install it though. Is this an issue on my end, or perhaps an error with a recent update by Dave?

Thank you, dude! Yeah it was tiny, as I wanted to keep to the original 30 day deadline, and it didn't help I had a fulltime job while making this. I had great people with me though as the voice actors I used did fantastic considering how amateur the production of this was on my end :)

Oh deer, such a good game!

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I really liked what you made, and wish you luck for any future gaming endeavours you decide to embark upon!

You did really great! Such cool assets, I hope you continue in the world of game devving.

Very clever premise, and awesome mechanics. The hookshot is great, and I especially enjoyed how the tutorial messages popped up when relevant so that the action kept moving. 
Sound was really pleasant, especially the music.

A rather difficult title, but an amusing one. Very cute feeling to it.

Fantastic graphical assets, great use of sound and atmosphere, and really cool puzzle mechanics.

Thank you kindly! I do have another weird game in development which I began before this jam event. I hope you like talking friendly dolls!

That was a very cool game, I really enjoyed the premise of ascending the outer buildings and going across the rooftops.

As for the street names you have Bachman Street, with Richard Bachman being a writing alias for Stephen King. A street named Bradbury is also in your game, who wrote Fahrenheit 451. 
Silent Hill has the street names: Bradbury, Bachman, Bloch, Ellroy, Finney, Levin, Midwich, and Matheson. 
Coincidence, I think not! :)