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love the show and this is a very cute game inspired by it. more content would be nice, though I liked what you had so far

true, I suppose that is some form of a warning. just didn't expect the psychological horror elements that I was presented with

Fun little game and very tense and stressful. Won't lie tho, tad bit annoying because it seems you can't win; no matter how many times I play and run around the room cleaning up blood and picking up body parts, I either miss something or run out of time.

Overall I'd say this is a good game, just think it needs to be altered so that you can actually win it every once in a while!

Really beautiful. The artwork is gorgeous, from the buildings to the trees, and every other pieces drawn to create this breathtaking landscape. The cat people are adorable, and the sound design is phenomenal; it's so relaxing and calming, and really brings you that sense of going on a train journey through a quaint village in the countryside. Very sweet, absolutely adored this!

not really sure what to think of this game. the art style is cute, the colours a little jarring but still alright, but the plot... I started playing and felt a tad uncomfortable with what Katherine was saying. 

I thought this was going to be a game where a girl goes to her school counsellor with her worries of being unable to make friends, get some help in talking to girls, and then develop a romance (with some sex thrown in, why not) but from the beginning Katherine was describing people she considered friends grabbing her, kissing her, touching her in ways she didn't seem to want, and it just seemed incredibly non consensual and made me uncomfortable. 

by the time the therapist brought out the hypnotic necklace and began trying to tell Katherine that she enjoyed being touched inappropriately I just quit the game cause ngl it wasn't really hot it was just... a girl being forced into things she didn't want to be a part of. 

I didn't finish the game and I doubt I'll give it a replay. for those who enjoy this sort of content I'm sure they'll love it, but personally it's not my thing and I wish there had been a bit of a disclaimer saying that there might be some non consensual situations and language involved in the game, since had I known that I may have left this game alone.