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He killed me after I picked all the features, he forced my eyes open and then killed me. I picked lost eyes, tired hands and surprised grimace. I never once opened my eyes EXCEPT when he DEMANDED it. But he just forced them open even if I said I'd open them. I wonder if there's a good end. 

I LOVED IT. I wasn't expecting much, but I was pleasantly surprised when I played it. The characters are good and the story so far is good too. I loved the art style! My favourite character was Grouchy, second Glasses and last was Prince. Glasses would probably look really good without them from what I've seen of his eyes (probably meant to be like that). I liked it. Grouchy's personality and backstory plus the connection between them made it all the more better. I hope this story will be a success (I bet it will). Excited to see more. <3