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woah- i enjoyed this a lot more then i thought i would, you did an awesome job with the visuals and story

loved the game so far !! :DD i didnt go through every dialog , but cant wait to see the future of the game :>>

i searched it up , THERES 18 FRENCH KINGS NAMED LOUIS ?????? WHY SO MANY 

lovely game tho , i could relate to somethings in the game and made it a lot of fun , i ended up reading every note they had in their pocket

i dont think it did much to me personally , but i loved this game so much !! the dr and all are just amazing !!

will have to play again !

you need the fertilizer , and then grab the knife and use it on the creature

i was thinking that the skull were to show the dead cat and maybe the red paws are the persons guilt ? but thats just my idea :DD

A.M.E community · Created a new topic comment /pos

idk what a topic is , but i wanted to say that i loved this , its simple and fun to hear others storys !!!

i hope others can find enjoyment out of it too !!

i loved this so much !! the art style is so fitting and more , amazing job to anyone who helped on this !!

too players 

(  if you cant see the whole screen , zoom out your computer , you'll find this at the top of the task bar , its the three dots )

i loved this game so much , its unlike anything ive ever seen !! amazing work !!

i didnt expect to love this game as much as i did !!!! id love to make fanart ( if i have the motivation ) might be a bit hard , but if i do , ill link it .

amazing job on the game ( and too anyone who helped ) its probably in my top 3s !!