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Sorry my response is so late to this

I tried Chrome and initially got the same message, but I turned on hardware acceleration and now I get "Error: No available storage method found."

So i went back to edge and turned on hardware acceleration and it works! so that's something!

I get "Error

Failed to initialize graphics."

I'm on PC, microsoft edge browser :(

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thanks for this! I've moved on from RPG maker engine in favour of RPG developer bakin, and these are really nice to start with!

i read the description + skimmed thru the  pdf guide, so i understand there are many more parts in the making, but i still wanted to voice some suggestions as they would really help with my project!

I'd appreciate parts such as pirate hats (especially if theyre the fancy kind with the giant feather on them haha), a short hair ponytail (something like a 'manbun'), curly/shaggy hairstyles, a gun in the weapons tab, and more skin tones (even 'strange' ones like blue, green, etc!)

Thanks so much for this, i really appreciate it and am already getting so much value from it

thanks so much! I really appreciate how quick and responsive you guys are to the community. seriously, really appreciate it. hope you have a nice week!

I just downloaded this, and it appears the final set (charcoal + mint/strawberry) don't include a version with items/clutter on the shelves. I'm sure this was just a mishap, seeing as you recently made an update. Just wanted to make u aware.

and ty very much for your work! i appreciate it

Just bought this and very happy with it!

also wanted to let you guys know that on the A4 tile, one of the walls are shifted out of place. it's 1 pixel lower than the rest of the walls on that sheet, so it bleeds into the grid beneath it. Looks like it affects both the MZ and VX versions. Very minor, but wanted to let you know.

Thank you for the resources!

i see i see!

well i'll keep an eye out for future sales here, though i do hope u guys consider offering bundles on itch as well

thank u

can u offer bundles on itch?

I wanted to get the 'great outdoors' bundle that you offer on your own website, i'm wary of using new/different sites and try to only stick with major/well-known sites as much as possible (as a general rule, nothing personal to u guys)

similar to how the visustella team offers wave bundles on itch.

if you guys provided your bundles on itch, it would help me keep my library of purchases organized and all on this website, and very easy for me to keep an eye out on updates and such.

please please please!

thank you!

2 quick questions!

1- is a sniper rifle included as one of the gun icons?

2- if i were to use these, i may want to increase the outline by an additional pixel in order to match with the art style of another graphics/tileset pack that i own (and slightly resize some icons as a result). but i noticed that the description states "You can modify the files for personal use".  Does this mean that i would violate your terms of use if i were to modify the icons by adding an extra outline, then sell an rpg maker game which makes use of those icons with the modification? I just wanted to be sure i understood correctly.

thank u!

hey this is really dope and i appreciate it. i made a short visual novel and let my friends play + stream it. we had a good laugh because there were soooo many typos and grammatical errors cuz i wrote everything in the software, rather than using a word processor w/ spellcheck first lol. 

I made a list of all my typos/errors and this tool made things a lil easier to locate the text- i especially appreciate that it shows which page of the event it's on. thanks!