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Groovy. Thanks!

Any chapters of the Pale that particularly influenced the skin?

Given one of the paths leads "somewhere that doesn't exist", does that mean "somewhere safe" and "somewhere dangerous" lead to real-world (in-game) locations?


You're seriously on top of this sh!+. Appreciated!

Got the app in the Racial Justice bundle. Looking to grab it for Android, but it's not available for newer versions of Android (I'm using version 13). Any chance you could update the app for modern Android OS?

While Adam's said the Steam version is in the works, you can actually add non-Steam games to your Steam library. There's plenty tutorials online that shows the trick of it.

Glad to be of service

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That'll do it ;-)

See, this is why I love indie games.

It is a fun detail. Maybe do a rule summary page? Something so the reader doesn't have to parse the rules out of the prose?

Pretty groovy game. I will say the attempt at elevated language in the actual rules is a bit awkward, but nothing game-breaking. 

As far as fiction to mine for content, I HIGHLY recommend Daniel Polansky's "A City Dreaming". One of the most stunningly imaginative and over-the-top urban fantasy novels out  there.

I am! I'm hoping, if I can manage the right combination of attention and motivation, to get the framework of a short story out of it.

Thanks for the quick response. I kept playing after I asked that, and when I would've one-shotted my third monster, I figured I was doing it wrong ;-)

Quick question:

When fighting a monster,  is it the number of cards that has to match the monster's strength, or the number on the cards has to add up to that strength?

If you've not already, you really need to check out Daniel Polanski's A City Dreaming and his Low Town series. Right down this particular alley, especially City Dreaming.

This looks brilliant. Hopefully comments won't get swarmed with non-readers complaining about how there's not a game to DL ;-)

Did an intro run as Prester Ki, rowing down the Kir River, attacked by an undead river dolphin that spewed acid from its blowhole. Scar from that. Fled to the Tael Mountains, where the space/time rips caused by the Time Scars gave me chronic nausea. Puked the whole way to the Kas Dead Forest, traded with some goblins for a bit of salvage, offended the lead goblin, got a scar where he bit me. Ran away again into some ruins, exited. The Time Scars swept in, and my left arm was ripped off and replaced with a clockwork prosthetic. 

Have to retire Prester Ki because there's like three runes left in his matrix, even after exiting cleared some of them. 

10/10 would breed chaos across the Requiem again.

This whole thing is right up my alley, but currently out of my budget (yes, it's that low). Any plans of replenishing the community copies?

I'm working on a couple groups. We'll see how it goes.

This game puts the kind of punks I came up knowing to the forefront. Until all of us are free, none of us are free.

Any chance of getting the community copy pool refreshed?

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I'm kinda obsessed. Played 10 runs, ain't won yet. Feel like Aeon Flux. Always dying, but on pile of corpses of my own making.

So, in combat, low Execute roll results in taking 1d6 damage? Want to keep rolls entirely player-facing, but wasn't clear on what the intention for taking damage actually was in the design.

This is like a stripped-down Bushido Blade. Deceptively deep combat. I've had fights last 2 seconds or 5 minutes. Highly recommended.

The Sirius Gaming article could've been handled better, but I'm glad the developer acknowledged the problem.

I'm going to have to reiterate this one. I've just been messing around with the demo, and have been intrigued by what I've seen so far, but, uh, leaving this particular question untouched when you're very clearly active in these comments is not a good look, and will definitely influence whether or not I spend money on this game.

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Get this every time I try to download. Even under alternate download.