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Had a blast in such a short experience!
I loved it!

I'm looking forward to it. 

I had a ton of fun playing it. 

I really like the concept of the game. 

I liked it :) 

Really had me thinking, why do we follow the same things every day?

Aw yeah, this is what I wanted

I loved it! 

I REALLY enjoyed it. Though I am very confused as to what was really happening and for the life of me I can't figure out. Dev, please skip to the near end of the video and address some questions? :)

The atmosphere was great, needs a bit of polishing but for the most part the game was enjoyable. 

I enjoyed playing this adorable lil swingy wingy game


I liked it, it kept me interested. The story side of the game could use a little more but overall I liked it.

The narrative had me interested more than anything, the silent parts are tense enough to make you rush. Overall a great game!

it was a little confusing but still fun

It was interesting for sure

Fun lil demo. I enjoyed it 

This was really beautiful, I enjoyed the game a lot.

This is really adorable 

I love your work and I'll eagerly wait for more.

This game feels like a masterpiece, it slowly took me in and overwhelmed me with what was happening. I was left speechless most of the time because of how invested I was in the game. I had a blast playing and recording this game.

I had fun playing this

Sure did

It is a very pretty game, but it'd be way more effective at scaring and confusing the player if the DOF only kicked in when the monster appeared. Very enjoyable nonetheless, I liked it. 

It did a great job of keeping me at the edge of my seat 

This was pretty fun 

I MADE A PART 2, I love this game!

I love that there are quite a bit of levels to go through and the polish that this game presents. Even for a parody it's quite a great game. 

The work that DarkStone Digital has put into this game really shows in the gameplay, every character model is highly detailed and every object in the room goes the same way in terms of detailing.
Its an experience I would recommend to everyone watching and to stay tuned for the full game.

I had a ton of fun recording, playing and editing this video. I hope you guys liked it too!

Its very interesting to say the least, melts your brain

IT HAD ME SHAKING. This game does a great job of scaring the absolute bat-sh!te out of the player

I don't know if I actually finished the game. Its a fun game nonetheless

I love the art style of the game, it's really pleasant for me. It's honestly my favorite style. Loved the gameplay and how it had a lot of things to do in a tiny space. 

I really loved the game, he always keeps you on your toes and he can be anywhere. Him not being limited to the last location really keeps the player on edge the entire time

oh it pisses ye off so much when the fish don't bite the bait. But overall its a fun game

Resolution problems and lack of spooky scares aside. The game has a lot of potential.

It was really fun!

I like how the plot in the game slowly reveals itself. The game was excellent at telling a heart wrenching story and the ending left me a little empty. A short yet rich experience, simple yet complex. I enjoyed playing this game to the fullest.

Had a ton of fun playing this game! would definitely love more levels and enemies to be in the game (。+・`ω・´)