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Haha, thanks.

Really friggin' scary, I liked the dishonored esque graphics and overall layout of the house. 

I wish I could shake your hand developer sir.

I loved this game, it was really cute and the alternate endings really made it come together. It's nothing new, but it sets out what it intended to do very well.

Cool base to start off of, could go many ways depending on how you want to flesh it out!

I loved this game and I seriously look forward to the full release!!

I hope you do as well! I'd definitely be down to play them! :D

It's a great game, as indicated after my hellish slaughter in this video:

The most cursed but funny game I've played in a long time xD

Astounding story, fine gameplay, good movement, voices were great, crazy twist, everything was AMAZING and then I find out it's your first game...

The Graphics are way better than they needed to be, the controls were fine, and the story was insane. For your first game this is beyond exceptional, if someone would've told me it was your first game I wouldn't have believed it compared to other first projects by other creators. Very well done. 

I really liked this game! I loved how you incorporated hand drawn pictures in it and made it your whole game! It's brilliant!

ofc :)

I didn't mean to dis on the game so much but I guess I found the game decent. I think I may have messed something up in the game or Idk. anyways, goodluck with the future of your game development journey and I'll check out your future works :)

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Was confused at first while I was aimlessly wandering but eventually I made it to the house of horrors. Great work.

I found this game both funny and scary at the same time, especially towards the end, I was terrified something would come out of the dark. Fantastic game.

I liked the concept, gave me some good spooks and I had chills throughout the entire thing. I like the story and how it's not all revealed, good game 

nice game, I was a bit tired while playing this (that's what happens when you go for the all nighter) but this game made me stay awake, good job :)

I liked it, for a first game it's bloody fantastic! I got a couple good spooks and not too many bugs. Great work :)

ALSO, there's some thicc dudes in this game my man xD: 

I really liked the game, the graphics were really nice but  with my 2070 it did stutter. Anyways, cool stuff man, thanks for making such a neat game demo!

Graphics reminded me of of dishonoredwhich I liked, the enemy was decently predictable, but all in all I liked it. The concept is really neat, I regarded it as "playing a horror game with a rear view mirror" lol

I played this at 4 in the morning and hated the guy on the radio xD

Not in a criticizing way, he was just a- ya know. lol

It was a fantastic game, gave me a few good spooks. Well done.

Extremely well made, it's a crime you don't charge people money for your work my man, EVERYBODY NEEDS TO DONATE lol

I was kinda confused at the ending but the "meat" of the game was fantastic, I hope to see what else you'll make!

This game was super neat, idk why some people are having performance issues (running a 2070 tho), but anyways, good job devs :D