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You should probably auto-transport players to the Kitchen when a challenge is started, I didn't realize I was in the Box-less Factory and thought the object spawn rates just inexplicably got massively nerfed haha

When disks but not mouses have been unlocked, pressing 8 brings up the disk shop, but when mouses are unlocked, 8 brings up the mouse menu

Also, is there any way to exit challenges? I got stuck on Challenge 3 and had to re-enter and complete Challenge 1 just to get back to normal gameplay and grind more hammers

This is just Archero down to the gameplay and upgrade icons.

Unity? In this economy?

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Which hammer upgrade did the "smash falling gems" mission unlock? It seemed like nothing happened after I finished the mission. Additionally, there's a hammer upgrade that has something to do with Ads, but there's nowhere to watch them

Never mind, I just needed to push to unlock Element missions and now it's going a little more smoothly

Hitting a timewall grinding Hammers to start getting the multiplicative Fragments / Shards upgrades (~e10 Hammers). I can make pretty good headway into the Barrel upgrades but getting the bonus hammer gain upgrades in the Box Fragments menu is kind of a slog. Am I doing something wrong, or is everyone facing this timewall?

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Why are the skillmine difficulties listed as "Something"? I just unlocked the mine and got stuck in high-difficulty skillmines, even after abandoning the mine because I don't know which ones are easier.

Do the improvements do anything with regards to gameplay?

For a game with "slash" in the name, slashing sure becomes optional with poison and shuriken upgrades haha. All jokes aside, solid game

Thanks! Looking forward to it

It'd be great if you could prevent the release of the LMB from pressing one of the upgrade buttons when you level up. More than once I've selected the wrong bonus this way. Also, giving a short period of invincibility after picking an upgrade would give players a little breathing space.

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It probably feels more difficult than it is because there's no diagonal movement

Edit: Actually it is more difficult. The hypotenuse of a triangle is shorter than the sum of its other two sides

After grinding to get the first purchase of the Wizard's hat powerup, I completed the game on my very next run, so maybe some balancing is needed. Overall good spread of abilities, but not much variety in enemies

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Am I missing something here? I have no idea what to do or what is happening from a gameplay perspective. Am I supposed to make patterns with the light blue blocks? Am I earning currency? Since nobody else seems to have questions like these, I'll just conclude that I'm a dumbass, but it might be worth explaining what's going on for the benefit of less tech-savvy players

Edit: it took me way too long to realize arranging the blocks at the top of the visualizer was speeding up operations. A hint alluding to this could be given with the other instructions in the cmd prompt.

It's a bit hard to see the curses against the background

Thanks for replying. Excited to see how you'll expand the game, though I should note the hover tooltip doesn't seem to be working for me. I'm mousing over the name of the stat and the red / white bar next to it, but nothing happens

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Could do with a little more clarity on what each stat does. Sure, the bread-related terms are cute, but apart from Freshness I don't know what anything else does or what it means if I upgrade it.

The stats needed to unlock each form / weapon also need to be explained. At first I thought they unlock as long as your stats are higher than the requisite ones, but when only Crouton and I.C. Sandwich were left, I started to think I only unlocked the others by accident.

Not a bad game so far!

Edit: I unlocked the last two by trying to get as close as possible to the requirements. It seems there's a bit of leeway and you don't have to match them exactly, but it could still be clearer.

One of the tasks is "Surpass Zone 1 without leaving on the border in combat". What does this mean?

Hi Rob, love all your stuff, been following you from the Literotica and GayAuthors days.  There seems to be a crash along Doc's route in this version, just before the first choice menu after starting his route. For reference, the prior line was "Of course. You're welcome to ask me anything you'd like." by Doc.