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Rahul Martin

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Thanks for playing the game. I think i will ease it up a little in the early stages.

i found these videos on this game, though it would be nice to see them here

Leave your experience about the game. Be constructive in criticism so i can improve in my next game.

Reminds me of an old Japanese game i used to play on nes when i was a kid :)

AI was not a part of the origional layout, and being solo means i can only work on limited things, but i am considering it now since i got more than few complains about not having it. So Expect AI, it might take some time though. 

And no i am not the creator of that game.


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thanks for buying, i am sorry you have to wait for it to play, there are not much people playing it in same time, also different region. Your game is DRM free you can share the game files with friends. 

Please have patience and give it few days, server might get a little populated by then.

Thnx for commenting though, I have added a "Before you buy" section in the landing page, and specifically stated that AI is unavailable after your comment.

fixed , thnx for letting me know about the problem.

i will fix it asap.

Please Report any bugs , errors or any problem you find in the game here.

While posting bug , this will help

  • Add a screenshot of the problem if you can
  • Add a Description of how the problem can be recreated
  • Add the resolution are you playing the game in.

I will fix the bugs as fast as i can and reupload latest build. Have patience and please be nice to fellow gamers.


Everything that is not a bug and you want to discuss about comes here. I will actively look into these post to see what you guys like and dislike to reshape the game accordingly , while its still in early access.