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Loved this whole concept of a game within a game, affecting things outside the game. Loved the atmosphere too. That teddy bear at the beginning got me good though 😂

This was absolutely amazing! Loved how you captured the atmosphere accurately by using all the right sounds and lighting. There were multiple characters, a build up to the mystery, scenes set during the day and night, and you managed to get all of that done within the short duration of this game. Loved it. And looking forward to playing more games made by you guys in the future.

It was an interesting way to tell a story. I liked how we slowly found out about all the past events as we moved on through the game. Jump scares were good too 👍

Was my first time playing an SCP game so the straight forward nature of the game helped. Maybe long-time fans of SCP would be looking for more details and different types of encounters. But I had fun. Thanks for making this!

Loved it! Can't wait for more content and to explore the other areas around the house in the full version.

Absolutely hilarious. Loved it!

Absolutely loved it. The mystery and build up all the way to the end was really good. Loved the graphics too, and how everything was put together. Thankyou for creating this amazing experience!

Loved the artwork and the mysterious tone of the game. Can't wait for the next two chapters!

I see. Best of luck for future development!

Enjoyed it and the game definitely has a lot of potential. Loved the mechanism of the gun, the shooting felt very satisfying! Would love it if some voice acting gets added in the future too. Also, I was wondering, does the story change depending on your choices during the dialogues?

Loved the creepy vibe you created here without any ghosts. Made a dark atmosphere just by showing common objects from a different perspective. Graphics are superb too. Great work!

Ah ok, I thought I just fell into a hole lol

Loved the vibe of this game. That feeling of being watched and being put through different tests. The narrator also made things quite fun. Would love to see more games like this in the future with new puzzles!

Loved that some thought was put into all the scares. They were paced right and not just thrown at us randomly. Also loved how detailed the environment looks. Really enjoyed it overall. Best of luck for the future of this project!

Totally enjoyed this demo. Shows little bits of all that could be combined to make a much bigger game. Great job!

Was a pleasure to play it! And so glad to hear about the lantern fish. Best of luck for the full release!

Loved the artwork and atmosphere of the game. Brilliant work!

Absolutely loved it. Didn't expect the plot to be so good at the beginning. But I was blown away by the end of it. Loved the artwork, dialogues and voice acting. Great Job!

Best of luck! 😀

Fun game! could be polished a little more for a smoother experience. Do you plan on releasing more content, levels, etc. in the future? 🙂

A wonderful cinematic experience. The game really knows how to scare you without much jump scares or monsters. Best of luck for the full release!

Ah yes, that does put my mind at ease. Thanks! :D

A very relaxing experience, and the visuals are absolutely stunning. Had fun playing it!

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Loved the PSX aesthetic. The atmosphere definitely makes you feel very uneasy. I gave a theory at the end about the game. Did it make any sense or did i get it all wrong?

Interesting mechanics with the needle. Loved the emotional storyline as well. A few glitches here and there, but the game has a lot of potential!

Really enjoyed the atmosphere you have tried to create here with all the notes and caution signs. The monsters were quite challenging to face as well. Had a good experience!

Interesting experience. Gave a theory at the end about the game's meaning. Did i understand it right? Is there even a true meaning here?

Loved the game-boy aesthetic, the story line, artwork, everything was great. Can't wait for the full release!

Cool! :D

Wonderful game! Also, I found some shortcuts and hidden paths, so I'm wondering if there are any hidden easter eggs in the game too? Anyways, here's my playthrough:

Yes, but not sure what to do with the pots

Stuck in the very first hall. Tried interacting with almost everything. Still can't figure out how to open the door 😅

A truly bizarre experience. I could hear the phones ringing in my ears even after I was done with the game lol

Absolutely enjoyed it! Love how smoothly the snake moves. Can get quite challenging as well, and I like that.

Great first project! Can't believe i got scared of that car xD

Finished the game this time, and I have to say once again; it's a very fun game! Specially loved the boss battles. Hope to play more games made by you in the future!

A very fun game! Can be challenging at times, but still very fun. The artwork and animations were amazing. Loved the game's sense of humour too.

Really fun and challenging! Can't wait for the full game to come out :D

Loved the visuals, gameplay and voice acting. Looking forward to the full version!

No worries. Glad to know its fixed :)