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A truly bizarre experience. I could hear the phones ringing in my ears even after I was done with the game lol

Absolutely enjoyed it! Love how smoothly the snake moves. Can get quite challenging as well, and I like that.

Great first project! Can't believe i got scared of that car xD

Finished the game this time, and I have to say once again; it's a very fun game! Specially loved the boss battles. Hope to play more games made by you in the future!

A very fun game! Can be challenging at times, but still very fun. The artwork and animations were amazing. Loved the game's sense of humour too.

Really fun and challenging! Can't wait for the full game to come out :D

Loved the visuals, gameplay and voice acting. Looking forward to the full version!

No worries. Glad to know its fixed :)

Thankyou for making this available for free! :D

Hilarious and fun! Specially loved the different tiny voices you had for each character :D

Fantastic job with the artwork! Hoping to see more in terms of gameplay in the full version.


A very unique experience indeed. And I was really not prepared for that ending!

Here's the third and final part. Had a lot of fun! Good luck on completing the project :)

Thanks! But I already finished it. Gonna edit and upload the third(and probably last) part next week :)

Here's part 2 of the playthrough. Getting closer to the castle!

Had a great time. It did take me a long time to figure out the password but I didn't include myself staring at the rocks for a while in the video :D

Truly amazing artwork, and quite an adventure! Here's part 1 of my playthrough:

The game looks good visually and the artwork was impressive. Specially loved the boss battle at the end! Though I was hoping that we would get back in our ship and head home at the end. You could make more games like this where you hunt huge monsters on different planets! Anways, here's my playthrough:

Great job dude, had a lot of fun playing it! Would love to see more levels in the future!

lol yeah didn't expect that with the fire.. Thanks a lot man! :D

Sure np!

Short and fun. Liked your style of art. You should definitely make more games like this! 

You're welcome :)

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Short and fun.. Enjoyed it! The feeling of being alone on that island was depicted very nicely!

I am very glad I could help with the debugging and improvement of the game! And yes, while I got around the vertical pipes, I did get a feeling that I was exploiting some glitch :P

Ah thanks for letting me know about the cat! :D .. I knew about the alternate ending being there, just didn't get the time to finish all levels at 100%. Maybe I'll try it when I find some time :) 

And of course take your time with the story mode. Best of luck with the development, and thanks for creating this experience!

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Oh, didn't know that about level 15 earlier, I thought it was some kind of a trap :D

So I finished the game and that ending was quite unexpected! The game overall was quite fun and challenging to play. Really looking forward to playing the story mode! Any idea when you'll be releasing that? Its under development, right?

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Thanks a lot! Will try it in the next video. Definitely gonna end the game in the next one!

Hey, I needed a little help with level 14. I have tried and collected almost everything, but I can't figure out how to extend that bridge to the elevator. Its probably done from the terminal nearby but i can't figure out how to login as root on that terminal. I also brought the box back from the other bridge, couldn't find a use for that either. And lastly, how do you use the hack tools disk? It contains passcrack.exe, but how do i use it? Is there a command for it? Any help would be much appreciated!

Thanks man, glad I could help!

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Totally enjoying it. Ah okay maybe i'll go back again and look for the pistol sometime :D

Here's more of the gameplay, almost near the end now!

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Was able to figure it out after a while, thanks a lot for your help! Played some more:

I already got the 2 coins and master key card from the conference room. Is there anything else that you can collect from that room?

Thanks for the reply! I actually just need to get power for the elevator. I am guessing the switch is inside the upper room on the left. Any clue on how to unlock this room would be very helpful :)

Loving the next levels too, but I seem to be stuck on level 8. I think i need to move the crane to the center of the room to get to the vent, but I can't figure out how. I tried operating it through the buttons and through telnet as well. Is there any command except 'move' that can rotate the crane?  Any help would be appreciated!

Definitely gonna enjoy it, thankyou for making this available for free!

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I have just played 5 levels and i must say I am loving it. The environment is detailed, the lighting is amazing, and the gameplay is very immersive. Looking forward to playing the rest of it! Here's my gameplay so far:

Superb writing - the story touches you emotionally! And i loved that you ended the game on a positive note. I played the Android version. Here's my playthrough:

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Loved the 3D environment of this game. The lighting, the colors, the graphics, loved it all! Would love to see more stuff added to the gameplay, or more games made with the same art style. Here's my playtrhough of the game