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Because I am a programmer, and I create my game alone, I though I start with the animations. I designed the game, and I have to make 14 animations. Here is my first 2 (walk & jump). Now I will make the first scene for my game. The game contains 3 scenes, with different barriers. If I am running out of time, I will submit only the first scene.

I can't play with it. Does it need a controller?

How can I play with 2 player?

The game was not working. Please fix it.

It's an amazing hot-seat game. If it contains any player weapon, it will be better.

It's a simple and good game. I think a little bit too fast, but nice idea.

The target is hard, but nice game.

It is an awesome Tower Defense game :) Nice work :)

Nice work :) But it's hard a little bit :)

I win always :) How can I lose? :)

This game is similar to mine :) But more beautiful :)

The planet select doesn't work for me :(

Awesome sound. Let me ask you, how do you make it? I would like to create sound for my games, too. Thank you. :) Nice game, good job :)