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Really like the style. Do you intend to add a single attack animation to all of these CRPG characters? Or are these supposed to be just the encounter sprites?

Are you still working on anything? I had previously been considering joining your patreon until I noticed you hadn't posted anything in it since 2022.


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So I'm looking at this and it's raising a very important question for me. Would these look good in a pixel platformer as they are or would it probably be best to only use them for their intended topdown? I do want to be using them for topdown too, but if they would also pass as nice pixel crops on a platformer as well that would be gold. 
Example platformer tileset:

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The most immediate reference for farm gathering I could find is the crop pull animation found here ( I was kind of envisioning something like the little arm swipes or plucks repeatedly towards the object in question, maybe even holding a basket if you want to go full in.

A bow + animation would also be appreciated. (I see above you already mentioned spellcasting in future ^.^ excited when you do). 

Thanks for quick response too! I just bought your enemies pack when I saw that it also had good animations attached, alongside the cave pack (more for the harvestable rocks). Would be great if you ever expand on crop harvestables in your village pack as well.

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Hi, I got this asset a while back and haven't had the chance to examine it yet, but with the existing animations are we able to make it look like they are gathering? (Like from tree's and ground objects / harvesting crops). Would you consider making a dedicated animation for it if not?

Is the code for that project abandoned too? Functionally wise, it's actually got a lot of similar features to something I was going to do for some of my future games. Are you selling that somewhere / is it available?

Brah, this is phenomenal. Gonna bookmark this as this honestly is highly satisfying work. I will probably use as a starting point for art in one of my projects, and if you ever expand on this top down style in the future would definitely buy and using as the core style overall. Gorgeous.

I just wanted to say how deeply I appreciate this quality piece of work. I have only experienced one animated art piece that gave me tingles like this and it was by Mark Ferrari (Living Worlds). This and the free pixel space asset generator are phenomenal. I am working on another project at present but 110% want to use these amazing pieces in the space junker game I want to make.

Could you add unattached projectiles to your various asset packs? (Arrows, throwing axes, etc). I noticed you had a bonus spellcast in undead pack but not a simple projectile sprite for the skele archer (presuming other packs are same).

Love all your assets, high quality and affordable. Will definitely credit you (and mass purchase) if I manage to get a proper project rolling with your stuff.

Major army decimating bug discovered! 

When using Training Grounds, if you leave your units inside the exchange window and open town, hero window, clues or spellbook they disappear! (took the time to confirm this, check other windows players might open too. Might be a good idea to never ACTUALLY remove units from the army until an exchange is made in any format). plz fix.

Thankfully my last save wasn't too far back.

Looking forward to official release tomorrow.