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It only took me two years but I finally got all 20 Jiggies...! The note door in Grunty Industries was very sneaky, haha.

Just a head's up, a fatal bug halted my progress for 100% for the longest time: In Hailfire Peaks, if I shot the rock before going to any other screens, the game would crash. Visiting the other two screens first before coming back to shoot it seems to make it work as intended, but having to replay the first two stages every time in my attempt to debug it was a bit of a hassle...!

A very enjoyable little game! One that condenses the flip-screen platformer into something compact and approachable, making the most of each level's small size. Seeing these locales interpreted in not just a side-scrolling perspective but also the limitations of the ZX Spectrum is really cute, and Banjo controls very nicely. The later levels can be very tricky with how many hazards there are, but the game's pleasingly tactile all around. There's so few Banjo-Kazooie fangames out there, to see something quirky and creative like this is all the more appreciated!

I love bee. I love the letter. I love everything. It is so good. I want there to be a "hug the bee" option. 馃悵馃挍馃枻馃挍馃悵

I enjoyed the demo over on GameJolt and would love to buy and support, but PayPal tells me "the transaction cannot be completed".