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Hey, super nice assets :)

I'd like to purchase the pack but it looks like the payment by card is not available => is it normal?

Perfect :) Just purchased this pack.

Hi, this pack looks aaaawesome, congratulations!

2 questions though:

1/ It may be obvious, but just to be sure: are all the objects available separately? => weapons, outfits, hair, etc.

(so I can create a customization system in my game, ex: with Spine)

2/ What is animated? The naked character?

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Hi! Great pack but I have 2 questions:

1/ There is no shadow under the characters (anim), do I need to add it myself?

2/ Are the advanced "custo assets" available yet? (ex: the Luffy hat) I only see 7-8 haitcuts.


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When do you think you'll be able to release the other characters? :)

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Would be nice to have a mix between heroic fantasy and science fiction (dwarves, elves, goblins, trolls, ogres etc. with high tech weapons and gear)

Some sort of sci-fi warcraft :) would be consistent with the first 2 characters (human and orc)

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Hey, really nice assets!

Do you plan to produce more humanoid characters in the future? (I particularly like the Sci-Fi orc but... would need ~10 like this to make an actual game)

+ maybe you should add a video of the animations on this page.

Keep up the good work!

Not a big donation, but still better than nothing I suppose.

This tool made me save time, thank you!

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Hi Robert! Nice assets.

Just to be sure: are all the animations in png format included? (frame by frame, for the 7 premade characters)