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Really cool that so many young people are getting into the creation of video games! But what is even cooler is when i get to play them😎

I would 100% suggest finding someone who is a good story writer and teaming up with them for a future endeavor! This way you can focus more on the game elements and they can write something compelling for you to work with. Looking forward to your future work! Your passion and creativity are appreciated! 

it's a very, very short experience. it is probably more fun watching someone play it while they add commentary than playing it yourself. maybe it is fun with friends too, but i wouldnt know cause i don't have any friends. merry christmas!

ps. it reminded me of the Dexter's Laboratory Christmas Special with a darker twist. don't know if this was done intentional or not, but i liked the reminder of that existing!

played this fun little gem for Christmas Eve. would definitely recommend to play it yourself before watching any content on it. it's a little bit NSFW but very funny. merry christmas everyone! (except to the porn bots they can go die in a hole)

oh man, imposter syndrome did it again. first M.Stain and now this gem?? i want more!!!

even though the game is on the shorter side (20-30 minutes) the storytelling is so good. this game is unpredictable and weird as hell and that's what makes it fun! a true campy horror gem.

delete this 😠

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i had to rerecord the beginning of my video cause i was stuck in wheeze mode. dev you are amazing<3 my time was 1:24 btw

yeah man, i was like "is he blind??" "has he ever heard of the search button??" but i didnt wanna be too mean. glad you ended up finding it LOL

it is already available on steam lol

Game seems to offer a lot more than i had time for in my playthrough, but at least i got through the tutorial and part of the first cave! Finding the lizard and the whale was the biggest highlight for me haha. 

Figuring out the controls and making yourself move more streamlined is quite a fun challenge. I appreciate that they tried to do something different when it comes to platforming giving it a very unique feel. I also appreciate that they gave the lead to 3 Asian women; all with their own character and unique look. Looking forward to advance in this game to see what more it has in store. The screenshot editor is also an amazing addition and i really wish more games had this tool.

i still wanna know what the M stands for... maybe mandarin? or magnetohydrodynamics? both are very plausible.

quirky weird horror game that is definitely worth your time! 

i only got one ending but i would definitely recommend going back into the game and see what different outcomes you can get.

in my playthrough i have a whisper arguing match with mister sleep paralysis "creature" over here

To add: So, so many people have praised this game and i was like "it is probably overrated like a lot of garbage these days" but no!!! This game is definitely not overrated!!! It is free (pls donate if you enjoyed your experience and you are financially able tho), the writing is amazing, the game is creepy, the voice acting is amazingly unnerving... just wow. We need more gems like this. This game is definitely worth your time.

if you love horror games that are jumpscare walking simulators with a nice little story woven in (think Layers of Fear but more intense); this is the game for you!

i do have to say that i have watched playthroughs of this game when it just came out and the game just does not hit the same when you watch someone else play it. i would recommend playing it yourself, because the game (and mainly the sound) is pretty intense.

Only note i have for the dev is to let people proofread the English text translations before publishing your game. The English translations are really bad and sometimes make no sense which can kind of take away from the experience. Other than that great little horror game!

haha that made me laugh. and you don't have to apologize for being french! all jokes aside, if you guys ever need someone to look over your English grammar for future games hit me up, i'll do it for free ;) 

(some of my friends watched my video and said they really loved your game and they wished for a longer version of it. they were even willing to pay. do with this information as you wish~)

This game relies 100% on its ambience and pulls it off amazingly, which is rare.

The atmosphere of this game is awesome. The art style combined with the atmospheric ambient music makes for a very creepy experience.  Only downside is the crappy English you encounter every once in a while :( but that is an easy fix. The story itself was obviously not too extensive, and i am ok with that. I like some mystery in my stories. I don't need all the answers! It also gave me some lovecraftian vibes. Oh and there are NO JUMPSCARES. 

not necessarily a bad game, it was pretty entertaining, it just doesn't have a lot of content for it to warrant its price tag. 

are you sick and tired of these boring playthroughs of basic youtubers who have never heard of video editing software? LOOK NO FURTHER for i, ragekitt, have the perfect playthrough of START SURVEY? for you. awesomely edited, fast paced, at least one scare, a water companion, and most of all, FUN FUN FUN. CLICK NOW - IT'S FREE!

this game reminded me of the starting scenes of the original matrix, but with a more tense/horror ambience. cool game! i am not sure if my answers had an impact, but it would be cool if they did. as many others said, wish there were multiple endings. besides that, i still enjoyed my playthrough!

thank you again for watching and the kind words :) 

if anything, the slippery movement added to the challenge. a friend pointed out that i at one point died cause i slippery-ed my way into the doorframe and got caught LOL. didnt even realize. still a good lil horror game. i enjoyed it! looking forward to your future works.

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took me a while not to scream at the top of my lungs cause i was being chased but it took me about 30 minutes-ish to beat the game (about 6 tries?) yay! victory!!

enjoyed the game a lot. simple but challenging enough. i at first thought the movement was going to be too slippery, but i wasn't bothered with it while playing the game tbh. you did a good job, colin :)

dude! i love comments like this:D thank you for your kind words!!! i'll remember you when i hit 1mil ;)

thank you so much. and thank you so much for this game and continued support. you guys have come such a long way since first release. the comment section here reflects well how everyone feels about this amazing gem, and you guys deserve 110% of the praise♥

i usually like to bitch and whine about games or leave a snarky review/comment cause i hate positive circle jerks, but this game is absolutely fantastic. i can't believe it is free. i made a gameplay/review video for my channel to honor its awesomeness and i hope my editing reflects the awesome crazy hyperactive vibe the game has when you play it yourself:

i've seen too many youtubers not doing the game any justice, so i hope i captured some of its spirit at least. all my praises to the dev team. you guys are awesome♥

my customers got eaten by rats and then we had a new years party 10/10 would attend this party again  (in all seriousness, devs you did an amazing job. game runs really smooth, works like a charm with a controller, art style is sinisterly cute, and the gameplay itself got my blood pumping with rage) happy new year!

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oh man, you actually watched my video! that's awesome. 

first, i didn't realize it was a hoverboard, but i am also blind so forgive me. second, i figured it meant "a doll that is no longer being made" but i thought it was funny to pretend it was an actual "circulation doll" that simply didnt exist. i have a weird sense of humor; forgive me for this too. thank you for watching and the elaboration! hope you had a good christmas! :)

Cute lil game that I enjoyed playing, because I love judging people based on trivial things. Now you can judge me for sharing my video:

i forgot to shove my youtube video down everyone's peripheral vision; that is what pro-youtubers do right?

atmosphere of the game was great btw. had hoped the choices in the beginning actually mattered but alas. looking forward to more!