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Yep, does exactly what it says on the tin. Neat :)

Happy to assist! Go hack the planet!

I have also seen it repeated by many others on the dungeon23 subreddit. Hopefully, the newcomers for the many project trends in 2024 can learn and plan ahead from our experiences.

Thank you for the support :)

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Thank you so much, it's been a pleasure ^^


Those cats are what keeps me going, all the way back from January :D

Yes, August/September were a grind, and October would have been too, if I would've had a different district theme. Learning/Education just presented a real nice natural progression :)

Good luck to you as well! Let's get this done!

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Thank you so much! I'm so far now, and I can definitely feel the grind has set in, but damnit, I've started, and I want this thing printed and on my bookself, so I must complete it lol! I even updated for Week 39 today!

Me too! And I'm happy to have you for the ride :D

Thank you for the shout out :)

Not at all! That would be awesome!

I posted them as a no-donation free download here on itch. Link here for your convenience. I tried with my limited editing skills to base them on your v1.1 design.

I am going to try and run this in my local roleplaying club's monthly tabletop event. To facilitate even quicker character creation, I've also made some class-specific micro character sheets for this game. If you want to see them, just say so.

Thank you ^^ let's see where it takes us :)

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Thank you so much for the kind words ^^

Given that the upper floors add sentry guns to their security arsenal, then I could definitely imagine LunaTech having installed some on the roof, exactly for that reason. Or drones that scan incoming aircraft, in case of the PCs dropping via heli or similar. Something for the PCs to deal with before they actually get boots on the roof. Or maybe their drop unto the roof is a one-way street (like the heli pilot only being able to drop them off, but not stay, because of the drones and/or sentry guns from earlier). Something to give the players that signifies that they are going through a fortified backdoor, where they do not have the clearance to be. Now it can be a mission heavily leaning on actual don't-get-seen stealth, and because of that, the alarm ticking up is potentially an even more potent threat. Hope it helps :)

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