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Has this project been abandoned? If so, thats a shame, it looks interesting. 

Thanks for the reply! I played through the demo, and although it is quite simplistic, I can see great potential in your project, and with such a passionate creator and a very intriguing idea, I am even more excited than I was before. I found the demo was on a game jam page (dunno if its still supposed to be there), and it worked fine on wine, luckily. I am glad to see that you are active with your community, I think that is very important for a person making a game, and you also haven't abandoned the project, which is a plus. Lots of game developers do that, sadly, and  its always irritating when a cool project gets canceled because, well, it just suddenly stopped getting updates. Hope the game will be out soon, keep up the good work! 

Im glad you can get back to work, stay well!

Hello! I have a question, where would one find a mac version of this game? I have found a windows version, and I can run that fine with wine, but the quality is worse than a normal mac version would be (Wine tends to run down the quality on games for some reason). If there is no mac version right now of the current release, I will still play the full game when it comes out. Your game looks very good, so I am excited to play it. Thank you for your time!