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Awesome little short game. Had it's little bugs but overall nice game with some funny jumpscares. Like the multiple ending. Ended up playing it 3 times smh. Really enjoyed it so give it a try

This updates demo is absolutely amazing. Definitely an improvement. little bit of story, plenty of scared and perfect sounds. Can't wait for the full game.

Awesome game to pass the time lol. Ok I know that was lame but it's still a great game. I like the atmosphere and jumpscares this one had. The radio was annoying but overall I would recommend.

Interesting and fun game. I enjoyed this one alot. The maze changing was a great way to make the game not seem repetitive.

I think this may be the scariest game I've ever played. Loved every minute of it. Can't wait until the next one.

A masterpiece of a horror game. I'm still having trouble sleeping. EmikaGames is one of the best Indie horror game devs out there. 

Now this was a horror game. I'm still having Nightmare. Play it with the lights off and the closet open Lmao. Let the Scream flow right out 

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Amazing game. The atmosphere alone is enough to give someone goosebumps. I only have 1 Act left. If you're thinking about this game. DO IT.  It definitely is up the with From the darkness, Wrong Turn and PT.  if you see this please bring us another game like this