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had to get this ! Great job ! 

another awesome pack ! 

glad to hear it ! 

any more packs being released this year ? 

Either more interiors or matching exteriors you had some nice mockups on your twitter .

WIll there be more asset packs that fit this theme ? 

awesome pack bro !

New coop action looks great glad you stuck with 2D . 

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I too would like to see more biomes

nice job! 

These are nice look forward to seeing more. 

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wow really thanks for the kind offer but I will keep purchasing the packs to show support. I may email you for some custom work once you complete this series :-) 

another great job ! 

Finally got a hold of this !

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This desert tileset looks famliar :-) Good job ! Il lmake sure to get these soon . 

Thanks so much these are awesome !

Maybe a swamp lair , mountain (sky) tower, graveyard tomb . 

any chance of more dungeon entrances ? can never have enough of those . 

if forced to pick I would go with te stump as well . 

Excellent pack !

OMG this is incredible !

Just got all your packs . Can't wait to see the next . 

it will be worth the wait .

Maybe another pack with more building structures for different types of lairs/dungeons like temples , desert  pyramids , towers etc. 

I agree with this please keep building on this world. 

This is pretty good welcome to itch !

Huge update can't wait for the Era of Fantasy: Props pack !

Also future packs of different biomes like deserts , beach shores etc would be nice. 

Lovely please keep adding to this world . 

incredible work 

keep building this rpg world out ! Maybe different areas or biomes . 

these are brand new assets though there are slight similarities with these interiors and others he has done . This pack is more refined and allows for more combinations for the houses . 

his style is consistent enough that it should also fit the RPGs worlds and magic lands scenes . Join the discord and you can see examples of how people combine assets from his different series together . 

Great job ! A much needed pack here !  Thank You . 

Picked this up today it looks great ! Please keep creating more like this. 

Tall sprites would be dope !

description should be isometric instead of top down. Either way good work .

Very nice hope to see more in this style . Perhaos more biomes ?

Glad to see you on here Ryan !

Will there be a variant snowy pack with the same houses just for the winter season to match the winter grasslands ?