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Glad to see you on here Ryan !

Will there be a variant snowy pack with the same houses just for the winter season to match the winter grasslands ? 

Great job ! Just picked this up . 

wow just wow !

how hard is it to do custom shaders for this engine similar to how unity does? 

both things sound awesome ! 

Pretty cool I was wondering when you would do top down assets .
Do you plan on doing 32x32 versions similar to your platformers just in this angle ?

ok sounds good. Perhaps later on when you have some time . Also a shores / beach theme . 

nice water can you also add a waterfall ?

Great pack I had to pick this up ! Will there be any more to add to this pack ?

I’ve blocked this idiot here first time I’ve had to do this .  I suggest everyone else do the same to get rid of this bum . 

any preview ?

@toffysz are you a moron ?

Great work can this be used on commercial projects ?

Looks good will you have more monsters similar to this coming out ? 

Is orthographic view available for this pack or just 100% top down ?

Any update on those cute houses ? 

another epic pack ! Look forward to the next ! 

I like your style would you ever do top down assets ?

ok best of luck to you I will try and figure out how to obtain the ful pack from your site. 

This look spretty cool will you be adding interiros and or other areas as well ? 

Looking great can't wait to pick this up !

understood and agree about the mana seed assets . 

A village with a winter version as well would be nice . 

This looks to be coming along nicely. 

Out of curiosity would you ever consdier selling a stripped down version of  the mana like folower and battle systems for GMS once your done ? Of  course  using  open source - royalty free  assets to avoid any licensing conflicts .  

Nice to finally see these on here :-)

Good work on the ai allies / followers . 

Nice I saw the crocotile version on Twitter good work! 

Looks like a formidable foe !

great !

Just picked this up good work ! Will you be adding more  packs to this series ?

These are awesome any chance to get these in an non isometric angle ?

Awesome pack one of the best ever released on itch and well worth the wait!. 

Great work ! 

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Great Job with this I hope you release more environments in this style. Perhaps the castle itself hehehe .