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Or maybe even a desert dungeon type of tile set. 

These interiors look great. Can you at some point do a castle interiors I feel like allot of these elements can be reused for a royal castle . 

Is this available for MV ? Also will it work with Altimit movement ?

Szadi just keeps generating these assets .  Great Job !

The character sprites look cute any more of those coming ?

I like your style will you be creating any top down sprite packs ?

any chance to add waterfall tiles to this ? 

great work look forward to the next one . 

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Can you or someone elese here on itch create a lighting plugin that uses pixi-lights but with deferred lighting capabilities? I'm sure many would buy such a plugin. Here is an example of a abandoned project that came close to doing this for MV:

This is great I had to pick this up.  Thanks for giving back to the community.  Look forward to the rest of these . 

Yay! :-) 

great can’t wait ! 

Any plans for new biomes in the series ? Maybe a dessert ? Or mountains ? Would love to keep adding to the collection. 

All great ideas!

Another great asset pack ! Any more seasons in the works? 
Maybe spring , autumn ? Or a desert biome ? :-)

I like this style will you ever release any top down assets ?

Any more in this style coming ? 

Just got this . Thanks so much for all your hard work on these asset packs!

Wow I got it thank you so much its excellent! I will purchase any other houses you create. 

great maybe a wood cabin :-) 

I guess not a big deal . Will you be making more houses ? Maybe the next house asset you can email it to me :-) 

Hello I accidentally purchased the cute straw houses twice. Is there anyway to receive a credit for one of them or reeve another asset pack in its place ? 


3 layers. A base, the hair, and the tool animations.  Seems like the best approach . 

great !

Looks good . Will there be a snowy version of the Fantasy RPG  Asset Pack to match this ? 

Anyway to get the old .rar version that includes the game maker project ?

mmm so  cozy 

Can I recommend you also use twitter ? Many asset artist are onthere as well and its probably the fastest way to spread the word regarding your assets. Also there is an option here on itch where anyone that purchases can retweet . 

Good job more little animals please !

great !

Another great pack any chance on castles coming up soon ?

This looks great ! Any more like these in the works ? Looking for more mana style assets.  I recommend adding the tags rpg interiors, top down rpg to increase visibility. 

Castles and interiors please!

Creating the remainder of the castle would be great indeed. 

I remember seeing this on twitter and being amazed . Can these be used on commercial games ? 

Looks great !  Look forward to the updates . Maybe more biomes like desserts , mountains , snowy trees etc. 

great ! Can’t wait 

Hello any status on the below maps? : 

- Ice Map

- Lava Map

- Swamp map

- Grass map

- Stone map

Awesome your a man of your word :-)

I bought the entire top down and sidescroller set the other day and look forward to also buying this magic lands set . A volcanic set would indeed be great as would any other dystopian or dark theme.