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great !

Just picked this up good work ! Will you be adding more  packs to this series ?

These are awesome any chance to get these in an non isometric angle ?

Awesome pack one of the best ever released on itch and well worth the wait!. 

Great work ! 

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Great Job with this I hope you release more environments in this style. Perhaps the castle itself hehehe . 

awesome ! 

good work are you planning on adding more phantasy star like monsters / backgrounds ? 

Looks good interiors in this same style would be great ! 

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Orthographic view is more popular here on itch if you do a search for top down you will see this view is more popular and matches your style . 

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this looks good  will there be other environments in the same style created similar to your town , forge packs just for the orthographic perspective ? 

Or Other seasons and biomes like desserts , mountains  etc ?  

Any way to get Townscaper to generate a pixel look like the image to this pack ? Or to mod the render engine to control the look?

Nice the packs keep getting better and better ! Look forward to the next !

This looks cool will you be expanding upon this with future asset packs ?

I had to pickup this asset pack yesterday. Look forward to seeing this series completed . Please share on Twitter and give a good rating for  this pack if you purchase as it helps support the artist to keep creating great assets . 

I’m definitely glad I got this ! 

thanks but looking less for city assets and more for nature / terrain assets  . 

Are there any others asset packs in this similar style or other biomes? Or other assets packs that match this environment ?

are you planning on releasing all the characters in a larger pack ? I’d be willing to pay more for all 45 in one pack . 

amazing work as always . Can you release the same thing but top down ? 

I second this ! A swimming state lesson would be nice . 

good looking asset I just got  it . I recommend attaching this to social media accounts like Twitter and Instagram and growing a following there to increase interest . I’d like to see a matching castle pack if at all possible . 

thanks for adding more biomes looks great ! 

looks good would like to see other biomes . 

nice houses style . Maybe try selling a village pack in this style, 

great update ! 

goal reached ! I had to pick this up ! 

animated for the characters ! I like the curent selection of hair just wanted to know if there would be more styles. 

Can we get more hair options ? 

Please make a top down version of this

I concur please keep adding to this world. 

Nice little pack had to grab this.  Will you be expanding on this ? Adding more buildings etc?

Great !  Halloween next ?  ;-) 

Great job ! 

Glad to see you on itch!  Just grabbed this. 

Will you be expanding this top down universe with other areas?

Just got this cute pack. Any chance to add the houses from some of your mockups as well ? Or create a new pack with them in it?


Looks great had to pick this one up. Any more castle asstes or similar planned ?