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Do they make separate-ish notes?

seriously tho,i didnt expect ANY scare from this lmao


so CDEFG makes notes?


what do i do after video 5?

"close" is too much of a loophole,please balance

This is SUCH a good underrated game! it was fun and the hagrid bits were actually scary. i SCREAMED when i first saw him. First time ps1 graphics scared me.

i read the read me and cant find how to make a note


This game is a masterpiece. The story and character development is so good. Its so good its given me my most hated fictional character(Twyla). Ive never hated a fictional character enough to go "FUCK YOU,FUCK YOU,FUCK YOU" but this one took care of that.

Awesome job,Arcadekitten.This game is really good. I have almost every ending and am about to get the true ending tomorrow.

hope it has more races though!

Thank you!

Guys,the answer to number 4 is yellow.

didnt work damn,maybe you could add a chat system

Aight ill try it

This was quite wholesome,cant wait for full game!

yo dude,a question before i play,can i still scream at the camera if i have a audio send thingy?

like basically,if i talk it can be sent trough i nstuff like voice chats,but i dont have a microphone close to my mouth,so i have to talk loud.can that work?

We need a few preview images or gifs so we know what the game is like.

havent used itch in a while

After the tutorial cutscene shows,It just shows that scene along with the poxy head thingy

Please fix this i have downloaded 2 tm games none worked

The game wont load i only see the thrree hooded things

i really like it but sorta too hard in week 1 for  a newbie like me

Uncooking exists,and most devs dont say they're game needs you to do it

Uncooking is something you need to do for most unreal engine games using directx,it is hard to do and requires advanced pc users(im not advanced)

thanks my guy

cya kind developer

It was good and all,but there arent any players and WAY too big models,therefore making the character we play as look like a cadet from AOT(Attack On Titan),so please fix these,aside from that,good game!

Ok thanks

Dont expect all games to be easy

Im not gonna download the game until you tell me if it requires uncooking or not,please tell me.

@VirusDev i agree!

Your just bad at the game and give up too quickly like an idiot

(1 edit)

The game was really good and i loved it,It was really really fun! But please let us configure sensivity in settings!

Im sorry but i cant use discord,but thank you for following me.