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Tested it, and works ok.

There is a problem with words that have a tilde sign and reach the end of the line, it splits them in half. But it could be avoided by changing the text.

I assume that the menus and other phrases are built into the code, but I'll see how it works later.

As for the fonts, you have to add the folder name to the font, because the engine doesn't look in the default folder. Anyway, it works.

Thanks, it looks like an interesting engine.

I can't change the fonts in the program by activating font_description, it doesn't start.

Is it possible to display special characters and tildes?

On mobile it only works well if I play in panoramic, in vertical it seems that the coordinates have moved.

I am importing as binary because version 4H crash with my game. It's weird. Thank you.

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In versions 4.7X4I you can not edit sounds, the cursor don't appear.  My emulator is Fuse.