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Not even 10 minutes in, and i already beaten the game. Pretty good simple game.

Same here, i thought it was 12 rounds.

The tutorial only shows a black screen, and it returns to the main menu upon clicking the punch buttons

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Wanted to finish making the video about this game first before dropping my thoughts on it.


+The sprite work is great, per usual Lumpy methods

+The jumping and the controls may take sometime to get used to, but once you do, it feels nice to control it

+Music is top notch for a Game Boy game (great work Melon)

+Story is nice and simple (you either try to prove that you're the better impostor, or let your brother become the better one and having a wholesome dynamic)

+The secrets are a nice addition, plus great references to your previous and upcoming works)


-The last keycard on the first level is way too cryptic to know where it is (only found out about it per other people's playthroughs), while managing to find the rest of the keycards of the game without guides (mostly)

-The weight of your crewmate can feel a little too light at times, making you constantly overshoot your jumps for no good reasons

-Some obstacles are near impossible to dodge without getting hit.

-I feel like there should be different endings depending on how many items you managed to find in your playthroughs, cause having the same 2 endings, regardless of what item you used the previous levels feels disappointing)


*On a rare ocassion on Level 2, upon climbing up the stairs after finding the secret, the enemies on screen stopped moving (This was caught on recording for the video)

*If you get hit by an enemy while moving to the next room at the same time, the next room's particles move considerably off where they would normally be, while the hitbox remains where it is. For example, if i were to get hit by an enemy in Level 2 and moving to the next room while the shaking and sprite still occur, the next room will render, say, the electrical shocks that hurt you a few pixels away from where it's supposed to be set.

To fix it, just get hit again and the sprites will return to their right positions

In conclusion, i give this game a 7.6/10.

That's the Secret Man, who appeared on his "You Found a Secret" duology series on Lumpy's channel.

Loved the game. Fun gameplay, impressive graphics, and fair difficulty! Though i noticed the second level slowed down a bit, but not the character, but i think it works with the Game Boy aesthetic in my opinion.

Forced to play the browser version cause the downloadable version doesn't support 32-bit Windows PCs.

I have noticed a ton of bugs and lag (though the lag could be more or less on my part). Bugs include:

.Not being able to turn off the alarm;

.Certain sound effects wouldn't play, like the door, the faucet, the toilet and the radio.

But i was still able to pick up stuff with E normally and even turn on the TV.

All in all, still a fun walking sim.

Is Baldi's Basics in Math and Education considered a trojan virus? My friend seems to believe to be the case.