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Hello All, It is really impressive to see that so many people played the game! Thank you all very much! Unfortunately, The Cabin isn't going to go forward, instead, after this game, I created my game dev company Yellow Panda Games and publish the game A Story of Distress over at Steam. If you are interested on my work, take a look at that :)

Thank you all for playing once again! You guys Rock!

Did the controlls get fixed yet?

Yeah, honestly that dialog was quite week and I wanted to remake it, unfortunatly my time ran off :c

Just released an update that fixes a few issues on the windows version and finally makes the Mac version work!

News: Won't be able to fix these issues in time, new estimated date: Monday

For anyone using the Mac, I know that there is an error when trying to start the game, I will try to fix it as soon as possible. It is expected to be fixed by tomorrow (14/07).