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Anytime mate :)

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It depends a lot on which tileset you're mentioning. I have tilesets for walls that have different heights, going from 1 to 3 tiles high. The wall with 3 tiles high have even more tiles than 47 and it's the one that most game engines have no template/ready-to-setup for.  Actually, If I'm not mistaken, all game engines provide templates for the most simple form of tilesets (wall 1 tile high ). Anything beyond that you gonna have to code the auto-tile yourself. But you have this already done for you if you're willing to use Tiled. Btw, unfortunately, all game engines have its own unique template for tilesets. Would be great if they had a common template =p. However, tiled can make your life much easier since it's focused on building the game world while game engines is a big frankenstein software with lots of other things to solve and normally have a poorly built-in support for more complete tilesets.

Hello mate! I don't use gamemaker but I'm sure It has JSON support and probably .tmx support as well. So you could use Tiled and then export everything to gamemaker.

Thanks! I create my own pallet ^^

Thank you very much! ^^

Thanks mate! It's my supporters who are the best!❤️😂

Hello! It's not set up specifically to any game engine but yes, you can use it with any game engine out there. It's all about spritesheets/pngs. I'm planing to make it ready to use for Unity and Godot but I don't have a data to give you right now

Amazing work!

Thank you mate! ^^

Hello buddy! Thank you for your support. The tiny rat is just for the environment and It's designed to make them run around, near the wall's corners/edges. The mutant rat and viper follow the same standard as all other assets of this series (3/4 pose). Beholder is an exception and have more directions because it's a boss.

About the file, I tried here and It worked fine for me. I'll upload the zip file again just in case.

Thanks mate! Your assets are amazing btw ❤️Someone could easily make an entire game with your Mana Seed assets

Thank you for your support buddy! I'm glad my asset was helpful to you! ^^
Good luck on your game, looks pretty cool!

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Thank you for your support buddy! I'm glad my asset was helpful to you! ^^
Good luck on your game, looks pretty cool!

Your're welcomed / de nada :)

You're welcome :)

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Thank you mate! You can find them in the props folder(file name = Atlas- props). I often use trees as props but don't worry, they are aligned and can be used as tile.

Thank you buddy! 🤗

Thank you! It's gratifying to know that you realize the amount of work I put into my assets. As always, thank you very much for your support.

Thanks buddy! I'm glad you liked it ^^

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I'd love to help you on that but I'm no authority on the subject. However, if you head to my Discord server, we could discuss about it. I and other members could give you some insights about it and probably help you achieve your goal.

Thanks mate! I will answer you there.

Thanks mate! I'm considering starting a series of character packs in the future, If I do so, I'll add this type of enemy to the list. If you have something specific in mind, feel free to send me some references.

Sadly =/

Sorry Rafa and everyone else. He's spamming everyone and creating all this buzz. He's a scammer and if you all could block him would be the best thing to do.

This guy is just a scammer. The owner of the game he mentioned already denied everything. Sorry about the inconvenience buddy

This guy is just a scammer. The owner of the game he mentioned already denied everything. Sorry about the inconvenience buddy

Thanks for your statement mate.

I don't know but I think banning him would affect just me, so his comments would still appears to everyone else.

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Yeah, It's bothering me and it's hurting my productivity since he's spamming my comments sections too. I just wanted to mention again that I think he's this guy ( )that got reported(and banned) by me and other creators too because he was selling stolen assets and now he is being vindictive and trying to harm me doing the same but with false allegations. I already reported him as well. If Itch team could verify this quick I'd be very thankful.

Cool! Send all your "evidences" to the Itch team then. I cannot wait to see you be banned

Look at that, another account recently created. Thanks for the info too. I'll update the list of yours fraudulent accounts:

Sorry about the disturbance pals. This guy is just spamming me with absurd accusations

Do you really think editing my own png/gifs will convince people? Why are you trying to harm me? You are just a scammer piece of sh*t. Btw, stop spamming my comments sections. 

Sorry for the disturbance mate, this guy is a scammer and a spammer who is trying to harm me. I already reported him

Just stop with this bullshit, and stop spamming my comments sections. You make no sense at all

Great to hear it. Thank you very much!

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I hope Itch can verify this correctly because this is a false accusation.

While digging his account, I found other accounts created in the same week, all with 1 or 2 days of difference:

Look for their feeds and see that this is probably the same guy trying to make it look like these accounts are normal and from different persons

WTH? This asset is mine. What I found odd is that you and Dipe created an Itch account this very week both accounts with one day of difference between one and another. Isn't it that strange?

I - and many other creators - publicly reported someone selling stolen assets. So I believe that this thief might be you trying to get some sort of revenge on the person that reported you.

Thank you very much! ^^

Thanks! Sure, I'll add this destruction detail in the "The Village" asset then.  Thank you for your support! ^^