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You don't. Updates are free for life ^^

Obrigado! Pode usar em jogo comercial sim. Não é obrigatório me colocar nos créditos ^^ Boa sorte!

Thank you mate! Your assets are super good btw 

Thank you for your support mate ^^

Hey mate! Thank you for your kind words! ^^

Tiles are 32x32. Characters have wide range of sizes in this series, 32x40 would be a normal/medium size 

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The files are working fine. Please, if you don't know Tiled, you can access my Discord to get help but to learn more about the software in general, I recommend their official Discord and their Documentation
Here is a quick tip about automapping: 

  • rules.txt must be placed in the same folder as the map file
  • you can have multiple rule.txt files
  • automapping are per layer, so the name of the layer matters. Check the rules(.tsx files) to check the layer target

Hello! They do. But If you mean initial setup specific for Gamemaker then you'd have to do it yourself

I don't work with predefined palettes. Sorry mate

Hello! I'm considering it for sure ^^

Thank you! I'm glad you like my art ^^ and The Village pack might have a snow version, who knows  ;)

Thank you ^^

Thank you buddy ^^

Hey mate! Thank you for your kind words ^^

No problem ^^ Link:

Thanks ^^

Hey! Ancient ruins has a demo version ^^

Thank you buddy! ^^

That's weird, certainly doesn't look right in my opinion but each country has its own thing I guess =/

Hello buddy!

I no longer have any Unity vouchers. They only allow 12 per year. I'm sorry mate =/

Hello! Thanks.
All characters are provided in sideways direction only. However, I'll make these other directions in the character's pack in the future.

The chest animations is under props/animated props/..

Gracias por tu apoyo. Planeo hacerlos después de que estos activos estén terminados. Después de eso, concéntrate completamente en los personajes por un tiempo.

This Series really need more environments before starting focusing on more characters because I'll focused exclusively on this afterwards for a while.

The character's pack is certain so I'm not sure what do you mean by that :P

I'm actually thinking of skipping it to get to Volcano and Village assets quicker. I'll make a poll in a few weeks to know what people think ^^

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Hey buddy! Thank you! You mean playable characters? I'll do them in the character's pack. It will take some time to get there but will worth the wait. I'll also try to make them modular enough to be able to change equipment and all that ^^

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I see. I believe you are using the wrong tile. There are 2 water tiles in the files, one for the river and the other for the ocean. You are using the water tile that is designed to be used for the river, which has a lower opacity (alpha) to blend with the ground bellow it. For the ocean, there's no alpha change so it will fit the coast. If you open the Sample scene you'll see it ^^

Hello mate! Could you show me a print? Because I checked the files and I didn't find the issue you mentioned

Thanks mate and thanks for being around for so long!

More battlers? Gotcha!^^

Thanks ^^

Thank you very much ^^

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Hey, thank you! Sewers has a boss and this asset will have a boss. Ancient ruins have big enemies that could work as a mini boss.
About the dragon, I'll consider it in the characters pack for sure.
Lastly, the volcano asset could have some enemy with wings and such. Will see ^^

Thank you for the kind words ^^

Thank you very much mate! 🤗

Thank you my friend! The current list is just the beginning xD

Thank you mate!

¡Hola! Buenas tardes. Eres libre de realizar las modificaciones que quieras y utilizarlas en tu juego. Sin problemas.

Hola! Son solo archivos png sin formato, así que sí, es compatible con cualquier motor de juego, pero si te refieres a que los recursos están configurados específicamente para Godot, entonces no. Estoy planeando probar Godot y ver si es factible agregarle alguna configuración inicial, pero ahora estoy enfocado en lanzar más contenido. Perdón por cualquier error, utilicé el traductor de Google.

Thank you! The barrels you can already find them in the Grassland 2.0, Legacy and Old Prison assets and the next  asset will have broken pots.