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Thanks a lot David!

Thanks Spud for your feedback!

Thank you for your feedback!

Thanks a lot for your words, I hope you had fun!

Valeu Phelippe! Seu trabalho é muito foda mano eu as vezes me pego ouvindo os MP3 do Infinity Break, onde eu posso ouvir mais do seu trabalho? Abraço!!

The controller support was the last minute feature we decided to cram into the game and now I understand why so many PC games ported to video games choose to still use a “virtual mouse pointer” instead of proper menu navigation, is a lot of work hahaha!

Thanks for your feedback I hope you had fun.

Hahaha! Thanks for your words!

MATT is a cute spider, it shouldn’t trigger arachnophobia (we hope) haha Thanks for playing our game I hope you had real fun playing it :)

Hey Matthew, thanks for playing and for the feedback!

Thanks, the optional pickups where there to make the game easier if the player wanted and to create a little bit of replayability. The grapple idea came in a brainstorm session and we thought “what if the grapple comes out of its natural spider position” and stood out as a fun (to us) game mechanic.

Thanks a zoidb, I think the fact it runs well in web is a side effect of the art choice of using low poly models, we do also care about using always simple box colliders during the entire game development.

Thanks a lot! We hope you had fun playing! :D

Thanks a lot for your kind words, this game was our first work together and my first try in a game jam, this kind of comments really motivates me to keep studying more about gamedev.

Thanks a lot!! I hope you had good fun as we had doing the game.

Thanks for the kind words and for playing our game!

Hey thanks for your feedback and for playing our game!

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Hey thanks for you feedback and suggestion! Yes would be a great addition to the game a wave counter somehow shows you progression, parts like the island can feel overwhelming and a counter like that could ease the anxiety a little bit :D

Thanks again for playing and leaving your thoughts!

This game is so beautiful, the little details are incredible, the grass movement, the fact the player is looking to the face of the nearby NPCs, the right choice of shader and consistency over the art during the entire game.

Saying all of that I have some feedback, at the end I got confused, I will try my best to not spoil it here. Feels like there is an alternative ending because you get in stuck in a loop and there is still an NPC outside in need of help. I don’t know if there is a way to continue the NPC his story line, but it felt frustrating to not being able to help him.

I got strong Ocarina of Time’s lost wood vibes in the late puzzle and again I loved the lighting and the art style choice. I wish there was more game to play and a way to use the camera, I would definitely play more and happily explore this world.

Thanks a lot for the Linux build it worked great, you should upload it at page.

All the best!

Thanks! Is working now :D

Yes is working nicely, I’m going to play it and then review :D, thanks a lot for the build!

Is working now, thanks for that cool puzzles, loved the last one with the sun and cloud! :D

Hey Lunid, thanks a lot. But it didn’t worked, but I maybe know why. :)

When you generated a linux build it puts the following files in the root folder of the build (My game as example):

Your folder is missing the, could you try to generate again?

The web version runs well because is a Spider game! Ha!

Ok, sorry for the bad joke, thanks a lot for your feedback and for playing our game :D

Cool game! Nice sprites and the music and SFX are good, loved the part where you have to swap the jump for the cannon.

There is one part at the end of the first level you can’t see the floor is a little bit confusing and a little hit and miss and if you press space and W together you do a super jump haha (don’t know if it was intended).

But I can see the potential in your prototype, would love to see more level and more trade swap mechanics.

Woah! Nice score dude! Thank a lot for feedback and playing it.

Cool game, good music, sfx and the 3D models are amazing!!

I have some feedbacks: I think the dash stamina take too long to replenish at the end I stopped using it. The initial weapon is better (or feels better) than the rifle, but I think it’s because it’s easier to aim with the shotgun. I wasn’t expecting the ammo management, I wish I could collect more ammo.

I loved the grenade launcher super satisfying to kill bugs with it!

Hey nice game, really difficult! I liked the boss mechanic that shoots on you only when you shoot.

Some feedbacks:

I didn’t understand the “Change Player State” mechanic, every time I started on a level the first thing I did was change my state to attack.

I would soften the difficult curve a little bit in the beginning with less enemies and adding more and more as the player progresses.

But overall a quite challenging game :)

Sure thing, I made a PR in your repo:

In your case, you only need docker and you can build it for Linux anywhere you are.

PS. I’ve built a version for myself I’m going to play it and write a review :D

Amazing game, loved the Celeste like dialog sounds, the music and SFX!

The gameplay is on point, but I think the game broke in a later puzzle, the UI didn’t shown up I wasn’t able to press the “Play” button.

But quite good, would play more of it.

Hey I want to try your game, but no Linux build, saw that you used Unity, would you mind to generate a Linux version? I don’t mind to be the beta tester haha

Hey I saw that pyxel generate builds for Linux, would you mind to generate one? I saw that the executable where both Linux and windows, but the zip has only a .exe file on it :)

Hey I really want to play it, but I’m a Linux person, could you try to generate a Unity build for it? I don’t mind to be the first to try. :)

Hey nice little game, I loved the part where you let the player switch views to solve the puzzle, I would like to see more of it.

Some feedback, I missed an indicator that I could move my character in a puzzle, maybe add a icon or a “hidden” message somewhere a word “walk” floating.

Loved the artwork and the post processing you used.

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Good game, loved the rollercoaster path where you can’t see whats coming next, the music is on point and the controllers are nice.

Some feedbacks, to run it on linux I had to rollback my java -version to java-8-openjdk, I would love to be written somewhere the command to run a jar (I always forgot) java -jar bee-game.0.9.08.jar and maybe a reward after a number of flower I get a little bit of heath back?

But impressive implementation of a 3d game using LIBGDX, congrats.

Nice game! Loved the Phelippe’s soundtrack and the game overall polish!

I have some feedback’s, I wish a little bit more of enemy variation, some player sprite animation and some kind of situation to make me use more the missiles.

But solid game, curious to see more of it.

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Really good game, with a nice Portal vibe on it.

I have some feedbacks, at late levels that are bigger I would love a run option to go back and forth.

Although I loved the music choice it gets repetitive in levels that you have to think a little bit more, I would like to turn it down, but stay with the narrator and SFX.

And thanks a lot for the Linux build!

Thanks for your feedback! Hope you had fun playing :)


My current no-death record

Thanks a lot!