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Yo asumí que habría que darles de comer en un menú o como si fuera en un lugar estilo hospital o así. Pero estaba a mitad de un encuentro y de repente evolucionó y yo así de "woooow" se me hizo muy interesante, y también me gusta que siempre tengo 3 intentos para atraparlos, me gusta más eso que andar comprando pokebolas jsjs

Es muuuy muy entretenido! Me gustó mucho la idea de poder evolucionarlos a mitad de los encuentros dandoles comida! Muy pulido y muy divertido!

"Los pensamientos y opiniones de la ciudadanía de Polycity son responsabilidad individual de la personita que la emite y no del creador"


Genial! Que bueno que te gustara y encontrar a más personas de habla hispana 

This is amazing! <3 

Yeah! Sorry about that, my giftee also speaks spanish so I figured it would be cool if the game was in that language cause normally games are always  in english.

But I could implement english if more people would like it <3 Thank you so much for playing!

The voice acting was really good! And the guitar music when you finish it was very cool too!

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The controls were a bit weird to get used to and I didn't really understand what I had to do xD but when I discovered that shootingth walls opened up the space I was just running around shooting everything lol xD It was fun 

This was amazing!! I never thought of something like this is very creative and fun! I love it!

This was really fun! hahaha I suck at this games but I was able to get 2nd place by button mashing. It was really cool still!

Very nice, very scary 

Very nice, very scary 

Very nice, very scary 

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Thank you! It is actually a cheesy tactic xD Both scenarios are in the same level, I just teleport the player between them, I know it is massively resourceful but at this scale I think is not that bad.

I actually got inspired from a Titanfall 2 level where you do the same thing, and I watched an interview with the level designer and he said that they actually did have both levels at the same time, I think... well that is what I understood xd either way I'm really happy you liked it!

Thanks!! Yeah I really didn´t think a lot for the puzzles, but I think the mechanic has a lot of potential

I think you forgot to put the game :o

Yeaaaaah lets goooo