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When I translated the topic, I remembered that massive objects can bend space and change gravity. This "shapeshift of space" served to create my game.

Cool game idea, but really small. I liked art work

Nice :)

Really interesting idea! Nice minimalistic visuals. Only one problem: sometimes I get sticky keys. I liked it

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I just now saw in these gray blocks the words "you win"...

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I love your "Doppelgate" game, and this game is like this! I liked the transition between levels. Really cool effect. Only one problem, players is not animated, but it's not a matter (because this game is created by 3 hours). I am stuck on a level with gray blocks.


Nice small game. Maybe add some more effects? (like a particles when you open new shape)

Really nice game


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Added azerty keyboard (write to me, if anything is wrong)

Thx for your feedback! I will add this layout to the game

nice platformer.


i don` know why this is happens. My script working correctly, but something still goes wrong... Really dont know why

Thx for your feedback! Testing...

Thx for your feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed it ❤

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Interesting gameplay. I dont saw games like this.

Really nice art work, i like games with cartoon style

I like a mechanic with explotion of asteroid. Thats really cool!

And my high score is 4:23

Just one problem: menu. Thats black styled, and its looking bad. But its not matter

Making games is my hobby, not my job. If someone comes in handy my help, I will be very happy. (Especially for people from other countries, I just don’t know much English, and if they understand me correctly, it will be even better)

i just take a variable of lensDistortion and smoothly changing it (read about Mathf.Lerp())

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//You need a post processing stack for this script
using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using UnityEngine;
using UnityEngine.Rendering.PostProcessing;
public class PostProcessController : MonoBehaviour
    //From other script change a neededLensDist;
    [SerializeField] PostProcessVolume volume; //Variable of postprocessing volume
    private LensDistortion lens = null; //Variable of lens distortion (module in post processing profile)
    public float neededLensDist = 0; //Needed value for lens distortion
    private void Awake()
        volume.profile.TryGetSettings(out lens); //Get a lensDistortion variable for changing it
    void Update()
        //Smooth changing lens distortion
        lens.intensity.value = Mathf.Lerp(lens.intensity.value, neededLensDist, 0.025f);

Thx for your feedback!

Wait a bit and I'll paste the script here

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Thx for your feedback! 

The alert "Hackers from anonymous has stolen a function for fulll screen" its a joke. I deleted this function because with full screen i have 1 fps, and its not only for me (my friend has good computer, and with full screen he has 25-10 fps). Before i started to making a games, i making sites (only for me or family), and i know HTML and JS well. I just open a index.html and change a unityInstance.SetFullScreen() to alert("text"); and thats all

In the game, if you take a square, you will have an increase in speed (+2) and a distortion of the lens (+10) for 5 seconds. These boosters are plus and BOOM! BRAIN EXPLOSION!

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when i creating games on godot engine (its my first engine), i cant do stuff like stuff what you do

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love this game. my advice for you: add some more effects (like a boom if you destroyed the star, or shoot fire)

Thx for your feedback!

When I created this game, I wanted it to be a "paradise of epileptics"

Thx for your feedback!

This game is planned like a desktop game (because its in 3d, and its not lightweight (i think)). 

I read some info of creative common license, and i understand my mistake. And thanks for that youtube channel!

In a past, i just listen to music, and dont know about any licenses like cc license (because i didn`t need to know it).

I don`t know why, but the last level is bugged. U cant finish it

I saw this game in your twitter, and its really cool in mechanic! Now i am not at home, but i want to play this

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Thx for your feedback! Now i am not at home, but i will try to add a indicator of collision with wall

Thx for your feedback! Now i working for new game, but maybe in future i change this game

And you reading my name right

Thx for your feedback! I want to create a puzzle game. I will try to create thoughful game on next WGJ.

Thank you for your feedback! Its really motivating me for creating games.

Now I working for 133 weekly game jam and I cant add anything to this game, but I remember your improvements, and add this on next week. (No everything is writed correctly, because I dont use translater)

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my high score