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Cool game!

By the way - I would love an option to 'auto throw when gun is empty' so that I can easily just play with WASD as well as just 2 mouse buttons - when there are 3 important buttons on the mouse it gets a bit awkward for me with the fast pace! Cheers

hahah heyy, that bug's a secret!!

glad you enjoyed it! thanks so much for playing!

I'll give it another shot - it's a bit hard to test!! You said the Xinput controllers were being detected as both Xinput AND Dinput simultaneously right? So if I simply don't listen for any Xinput the duplicate ones would work? If it's just that it might be simple, I can try give it a shot hopefully this weekend :) I might have to see if I can dig up 5 Xinput controllers to test it haha.

Wow thanks!! You guys are really good, you got through it pretty fast haha. I like the editing on your video!

Hey supersmo. Thought you might like to know I made a new game this year that also supports 4+ players :)

Hm, thanks Supersmo, that's interesting. It should support 4 XInput controllers, 8 Direct Input controllers and keyboard, but it seems like XInput controllers after the 4th aren't just being considered DirectInput like I had assumed. I'll see if I can disable XInput entirely because I don't need any of that functionality. 

Fantastic! Thanks for confirming. More tweaks/changes/polish to come when I have a bit of time. Thanks so much for posting about the game in that Steam topic too, that's really nice of you.

Haha thanks so much for the feedback Supersmo! I really appreciate it. Me and a couple of friends ended up getting so far on one run that some of the enemies stopped spawning so it's possible to actually 'beat' the game in a sense - I'm planning on doing an update to the game soon to try and balance it a bit better, iron out the bugs, add coloured trails to the players - and as you mentioned, fix the deadzones :) 

Thanks Supersmo! You're absolutely right about the controller deadzone, I was using some replica NES controllers during the jam so I didn't get to try it out on analogue controllers. It'll be the first thing I fix with an update!