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The enter key!

Nice! Really fun although I wish there were some sort of HP/lives system (instead of starting over from the beginning) since the hitboxes are a bit hard to learn. Also it got super intense & fun when the clones showed up, I wish that came earlier! Graphics are pretty great too. Nice work!

Awesome! The graphics, sound and just general vibe are all really great - maybe the most legit gameboy feel I've played so far this jam. Deeper than I expected gameplay-wise, though I would've liked to have some way of seeing the health of everyone on my team - I needlessly lost some people early on since it was hard to keep track of who had taken a hit already. Still fun and the permadeath added a ton of great tension. Awesome work!

Pretty cool! Difficulty curve was pretty good though I did have some cheap deaths. One annoying bug is that if you're holding space to shoot you might end up accidentally skipping through the upgrade screen (or what I think is the upgrade screen, I never successfully used it.)

Awesome atmosphere! I love the sound design. Puzzles were a bit hit or miss though, some were trivial and the 2nd valves/pipes one either got glitched out or I just had no idea how to do it. The 4-color palette made it hard to see some things but generally the game looks great. Great work!

Nice homage to VVVVVV :) Level design was pretty good, nice progression/teaching of mechanics, though I got stuck on the level where the block starts trapped in that parallelogram-looking area. Nice work!

Pretty cool! The default movespeed relative to the size of the world felt a bit slow, and I'm not a huge fan of upgrading stuff like that - to me it would make more sense to have the core gameplay feel good and then add new mechanics on top of that. Also, the music was cool & should've been on by default!

Wow this is such an awesome concept for a game! I couldn't really get the hang of it though, the wheelie motion just seemed super sensitive so I would just go up and smack back down immediately. (This was after I figured out how I was supposed to control it, which wasn't immediately obvious from the animation.) The connection experience was pretty seamless btw, although the QR code maybe should stay up on screen a bit longer. Would love to see this fleshed out more. Awesome work!

Cool! I always love to see rhythm games in game jams. This one was pretty tough though, the different vertical positions for the keys plus their order not matching where they are on the keyboard made it a bit hard to learn. (Also, gamepad support would have been great, my keyboard apparently doesn't support hitting j+k or z+x simultaneously.) It was still fun though the notes felt a bit random and not particularly correlated with the actual music. Great soundtrack though, nice work!