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This game rocks! I like the story and the way the environment changes to tell it!!!

Dude I love this!! Super rad!!

I love this game dude! It makes me think of Bingo Love! I think my favorite ending is Mx. DeMayo!! (Although I'm not sure cause I didn't finish Ms. Mao's, I couldn't find the dirty cat haha) But seriously, awesome characters and especially awesome game!!

Most radical game I've ever played! I love the whole covert series so much!!

It's a really rad game! I love playing it! Sometimes it'll kill the knight with out warning me i'm on fatal shot, but other wise it's the best!!! Very very addictive!!

This was so cuter and the style is unique! I enjoyed the mix of card game and visual novel!!

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I really wish Mateusz Skutnik games were available on more platforms, I LOVE Covert Front!!!