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I already forgot what I was talking about but I think I just made sure chrome was completely closed and not doing anything in the background. No uninstalling or anything. 

weeeeeeee i love spinning

i do like that the desktop vieww is tied to a little camera you can walk around. i think a toggle would be wise tho


Actually, just got it to run. Seems google chrome and this do not cooperate.

Keeps crashing at the start of simulation. Aircraft hangs in the sky and the simulation never starts, just crashes to desktop. Seems neat, but can't get past this bug. Running on PC win10.

this is a really fun little sim. makes me wanna go learn how to fly a glide

I cannot stop playing. This captures sword fighting so vividly. The infinite mode is enthralling, i played until I could catch up to the AI in wins and maintain it. This is pristine.

blessed by the style of this. nails that ye olde space quest feeling, even has the humor. only much hornier.

very much like the direction of this